Choose Ribbon LED Bulbs: Part 2

  1. The number of Leds per meter:

The LED strips are marketed with 30, 60 or 120 leds per meter. the number of leds per meter affects brightness (lumens) and patron of light of a ribbon.

  • 30 Leds / meter – perfect for baseboards and ceiling.
  • 60 Leds / meter – ideal for counters of bars, corridors, stairs, doors and windows.
  • 120 Leds / meter – ideal for ceilings, outdoor lighting, signs etc…

The ribbons are supplied in coil 5 linear meters and can be cut every 5 cm or all 3 LEDS (power supply DC 12V, DC) and all 8 cm or all 6 LEDS (power supply DC 24V).

  1. The flexibility of the led strips:

The flexibility of the LED strips is a determining factor for its application. Flexibility for a single dimension and the staffing of accessories allow multiple decorative applications low power with a great energy saving. They adapt to angles and brighten up.

According to, rigid LED strips are ideal to replace the fluorescent tubes or work on flat areas.

  1. The color and temperature of colours of the leds:

The color of the LED Strip is an essential factor to create different MOODS.

Color temperature can be defined by the predominance of certain colors in the light spectrum in the white lights, alternating the color white to shades (orange) hot or cold (blue).

WHITE hot (2700-3200º K) to orange cast, creates a warm atmosphere.

Ideal for:

  • Ambiance of rest and reading, for home and public places. Shades of light that tranquilisent.
  • Eclairage of restaurants, cafes and shops of character
  • Chambres, lounges, terraces, gardens and houses in general
  • Hotels and public areas, corridors and receptions

The white neutral (4000-4500ºK) and no apparent color is recommended for public areas, work areas and commercial lighting. Sound neutral tone enhances the color of objects.

Ideal for:

  • Magasins

Dynamic and frequent public ·espaces

  • Auditoire and party rooms
  • bibliotheques and area of concentration
  • Bureaux and workspaces

White cold bluish cast (5000-6500ºK), gives a feeling of cold space

Ideal for:

Industrial ·cuisine

  • Vitrine of food and refrigerated showcase

Industrial ·facades

  • Bureaux

Bathroom ·Salles

  • Spots-spotlight of land and car parks

Red, green or blue.

The colors red, green and blue (RGB in English) blend together to produce an infinite range of colours, selected with a remote control and a controller.