Children’s Bedside Lamps

Children are thrilled when decorating their room with sets withicons cartoon . In the example of this bedside lamp for Marvel Spiderman Boy LED from Philips. It is equipped with an insulating switch to secure its use by children, even very young.Reassuring, your child will feel more comfortable in his room.This bedside lamp Boys cheap is also ideal to tell stories at night.

Another option on the mark, it is his model Disney Pooh. With a very nice design, you can use it as his desk lamp.

Looking for a girl very design bedside lamp? The originality of the Disney Princess Micro Philips lamp will add a touch very decorative in your tiny room. This girl pink bedside lamp will broadcast a very peaceful atmosphere in the room. His playful design certainly entertain before sleeping.

Philips offers a range of table lamp for children with images of Disney cartoon hero. The Living Color model immerses you in the Disney universe through natural diffusion and relaxing light.Indeed, it is not less than 63 colors that are offered by the Lamp Living Color Disney that you can choose to automatically change alternately.

Sold with a remote control to manage remote light, bedside lamp model is proposed across heroes such as Cars, Ariel, Planes or the Disney princesses.

The Philips brand also offers a bedside lamp model to pose. This lamp always effigy of your children’s hero has an LED that advertises a natural and soft lamp so your child can use it to read a book, or to play with these cuddly before falling asleep.

What you choose the lamp Spiderman, Cars, Planes, Minnie or Princesses, this playful lamp will amaze your children that their room was even more beautiful than before!

Another lamp model with images of Disney heroes, this lamp child light projections. Manufactured by Philips brand lamp that will appeal to both boys that girls with a variety of cartoonish heroes.Buses to the Snow Queen passing by Spiderman and princesses, all the Disney heroes are honored with this range of bedside lamp.

To benefit, simply turn this crank on the lamp for scenes from Disney cartoons are projected on the ceiling or wall of your room. You can create the magical atmosphere in the room of your child. Alternatively if you wish to change to toggle cartoons projected patterns.


The choice bedside lamps for girl and boy room is very diverse, but you have to choose the ideal model for the welfare of the child. On our comparison you will find a wide selection of lamps for teen girl, infant or baby boy.

Make sure simply that the intensity of light for your child. For lamps Nursery girl or boy, make sure that the light is perfectly subdued!