Customer Reference VIII.

Even sports halls benefit from a conversion to LED lighting. Because in addition to an increase in energy efficiency and the illumination of the halls is significantly improved. This positive experience also made the sports venue operators the UP Kletterzentrum…
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Akon Lighting Africa

While today some 80 percent of the world population has access to electricity, only about a third of the population of the African continent will enjoy this luxury, 600 million people in Africa live without electricity. With solar and LED…
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Light in the Communication

Find not only in medicine, also in the communication LED bulbs due to the continuous development increasingly more applications. Light is no longer just a means to darkness. The intensive exploration of the potentials of LED technology at the Fraunhofer…
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Light in Medicine

Is used that light for medical purposes, is not new. The use of infrared light has been established as well as about the various medical fields using laser beams. With the steady progress in the development of LED lights, the…
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Testimonials III

Riedl-lifts, a southern German manufacturer of technically sophisticated elevator systems, directed its production process for years on sustainability. In the equipment of own production area, the company uses only the highest quality. Therefore came in made necessary modernization of lighting…
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Light in Nature

Light influences the lives of plants and animals as well as that of humans. One thing is certain: Without light there is no life. In order to still be able to live and survive, nature has developed some fascinating tricks.

Testimonials II

The North German machinery and plant manufacturers FRIMA sets in the illumination of its production halls and offices on the rental model of the German light rent. The companies operating in the world builds plants where paving stones, curbs, concrete…
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Light Sources

Where does our artificial light? And why should we handle it sparingly to protect our environment? Up to four billion kWh in Germany every year spent on electricity for lighting of streets, squares and bridges, which corresponds to a sum…
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