Nokia X 2, Music and Photos at Good Price

Initially announced to appear in India, the Nokia X 2 It is a new phone from the series young X which reach major markets of the Finnish company, which in recent days seems to be quite active in summer.

After the major presentation of the Nokia N8, we find ourselves with a less ambitious phone, but no less interesting. As it would not be of another form, phone follows the line design of the Nokia X 3 and X 6 16 GB, but with a very compact size, highlighting a thickness of 13 mm and 81 grams. Continue reading “Nokia X 2, Music and Photos at Good Price”

Garbage, Ancient Kitchen Utensils That Illuminate

The old kitchen utensils they have a special charm: graters, colanders and vegetable pins as there now. Perhaps lack of avant-garde designs and novel materials, but the feeling that gives me your single vision is hard to explain with words.

In the House of my childhood still some of these pots, remain still in use, and which my progeny is reluctant to get rid, with great joy for my part; and I will confess that on some visits, when nobody sees me, sack the Cabinet to only look at them. Continue reading “Garbage, Ancient Kitchen Utensils That Illuminate”

GU10 LED Bulbs

Ecological sustainability for tomorrow, with LED industrial lighting systems of today! As the Club of Rome in 1972 at the 3rd St. Gallen Symposium its study Limits of Growth on the future of the world economy and publications in the limited availability of natural resources themed, the concept of sustainability was first input into the international debate.
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Cheap LED lights

LED technology is not equal to LED technology. In online trading are often LED lights from abroad – especially from China – offered at very low prices. These “deals” initially seem appealing because they are much cheaper compared to quality products. However, the serious shortcomings of these cheap lights seen during the use and the promised economic and environmental benefits will be the loser.
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Designer LED Lamps

What happens when you tear old styles from their environment and bring in new ones? Emergence may well interesting facilities, such as “glass”, a pendant lamp by Foscarini Diesel and shows. Your encounters a product that captures a breath of the past industrial times. Continue reading “Designer LED Lamps”

Customer Reference VIII.

Even sports halls benefit from a conversion to LED lighting. Because in addition to an increase in energy efficiency and the illumination of the halls is significantly improved. This positive experience also made the sports venue operators the UP Kletterzentrum Oldenburg, the Ground surrounded his climbing hall and tennis courts on advanced LED technology. Continue reading “Customer Reference VIII.”

Akon Lighting Africa

While today some 80 percent of the world population has access to electricity, only about a third of the population of the African continent will enjoy this luxury, 600 million people in Africa live without electricity. With solar and LED technology Akon Lighting Africa initiative brings hope for a better world.

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Light in the Communication

Find not only in medicine, also in the communication LED bulbs due to the continuous development increasingly more applications. Light is no longer just a means to darkness. The intensive exploration of the potentials of LED technology at the Fraunhofer Institute for Telecommunications in Berlin will soon the everyday use wireless transmission of data using light signals make possible. Continue reading “Light in the Communication”

Light in Medicine

Is used that light for medical purposes, is not new. The use of infrared light has been established as well as about the various medical fields using laser beams. With the steady progress in the development of LED lights, the revolutionary technology is also in modern medicine inexorably on the rise. Particularly, the therapeutic use of blue LED light for pain relief shows great potential.

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Testimonials III

Riedl-lifts, a southern German manufacturer of technically sophisticated elevator systems, directed its production process for years on sustainability. In the equipment of own production area, the company uses only the highest quality. Therefore came in made necessary modernization of lighting installation in the production hall only a lighting concept based on LED technology in question.

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