Lamps with Balloon Shape

The choice of the lamps a House is for me one of the most complicated in its decoration steps, I find it much easier to choose furniture, textiles or colors for painting the lamps always leave it to the end and I find it very difficult to decide, sometimes by that place where they are placed is not suitable for any format, in other cases because I have an idea of what you’d like and can’t find something similar or also because I see a lamp that if I like it, but when I see her at home feel that does not fit. Continue reading “Lamps with Balloon Shape”

Night Lamps for Child’s Room

Many children have fear of the dark, some say that it is not good to put one light to solve this problem, on the contrary there are people who believes that the child must get used to the night, but I am of the opposite view, there is one type of lamp that lights up at night, providing something of clarity, little, but enough so that children do not be afraid. Continue reading “Night Lamps for Child’s Room”

Detail for The House… a Crazy of Electronics

There are symbols so easy to recognize that they make us very simple task familiar with electronic devices. One of them is the button ON / OFF, universal, and which appears on all devices that populate our homes. The Turn On lamp It recreates this famous button with a simple design but contains a playful way to turn it on. Not just push, but you have to turn to turn it on or turn it off. Continue reading “Detail for The House… a Crazy of Electronics”

Agatha and Air, New Luzifer Lamps

Luzifer It has launched a new collection of lamps, the suspension is called Agatha, of table, Air and there are also models of foot and applique all they manufactured with cutting-edge materials that are based on the natural wood treated, they are compatible with incandescent light bulbs and low-consumption and have a lightweight design and simple but at the same time very original. Continue reading “Agatha and Air, New Luzifer Lamps”

Problem with The Lighting of a Receiver. Decoesfera Responds

Raul has a problem with its Foyer lighting, and some doubts about the choice of the appropriate lamp. So told him us.

…a few years ago we illuminate it with a lamp from those in which a glass covers the bulb. The glass is translucent, and I’ve noticed that possibly because of this glass lighting is of lower quality and making a very unpleasant effect. Is it possible that it is because of this translucent glass? What kind of lamp recommend me? Continue reading “Problem with The Lighting of a Receiver. Decoesfera Responds”

Stand 1/4, a Corner Lamp

We know that today’s floors on day is not that they walk very sobrados of space, so everything that helps to save it, if it is well thought out, welcome.

Not have thought of in because if most of the lamps are placed in a corner have cylindrical forms? Because this is precisely what the designer intended, JI Young Shon, When raised Stand 1/4, This original corner lamp. Continue reading “Stand 1/4, a Corner Lamp”

O! CAP, Color and Aroma to Your Light Bulbs

It is becoming more normal to find lamps that dispense with the classic screens to show the naked bulbs. They are a good decorative baza, grouped or solo claim the simplicity of the basic light. O! Cap It is a shell of silicone that dresses them in color by wrapping them in a cloud of aroma at once. The warmth that emerges from light bulbs free perfume, functioning as occasional air freshener. Continue reading “O! CAP, Color and Aroma to Your Light Bulbs”

Lamp Creature, by Owen Song

No electricity frightens me much, I’m able to gut devices, and make simple connections, install lamps and play with the Terminal, but that other, far, far away from the liquid element. It will be for the parental advice that again and again I advised, under threat of death, no closer to a plug out the shower, or to those bad movies very bad in which threw a radio on in the bath which is dipped a poor unsuspecting & #8230; Continue reading “Lamp Creature, by Owen Song”