Night Lights

Lamp Creature, by Owen Song

No electricity frightens me much, I’m able to gut devices, and make simple connections, install lamps and play with the Terminal, but that other, far, far away from the liquid element. It will be for the parental advice that again…
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Lamp Bellaflor, Silicone

We had seen the use of an innovative material in Decoesfera, the silicone, in the manufacture of interesting objects for the home, such as the silicone collapsible colander or sets of utensils, in both cases put on the market by…
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A Lamp Made with Clips

In search of original lamps and made with everyday objects, have found that you see in the image, designed by Gary Ponzo and performed with around 4000 office clips intertwined together and strung together in a structure of several rings…
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