Contemporary Fixtures, but with Classic Design

Side table, marble Portal, and light fixtures with a Tassel, each module. One of the charms of the design classic is your beauty. With that in mind, the design studio Apparatus, of New York, recently launched two series of lamps, Circuit and Tassel, and a mobile, Portal, which reflect this idea, but with a contemporary twist.

5 Reasons to Prefer LED Bulbs

Many people have been changing the traditional by incorporating the latest technology in lighting market. Not only saves as it is more environmentally friendly. Learn why.   It is inevitable! The end of the month and there’s always a concern with the value of the electricity bill. As much as we take advantage of the sunlight during the day, at night we have to resort to artificial lighting. According to the energy Portal, lighting costs represent, on average, about 15% of the electricity bill. In most cases, the amount can be greatly reduced if we trade traditional bulbs for LED, acronym of light-emitting diode, light emitting…
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Wood Desk Lamps

Lamps made ​​of wood are traditional representatives of ecodesign. For thousands of years man processes the natural material for the construction of consumer goods and dwellings. Many new wood processing technologies came out in the course of industrialization, which also characterize the lighting…
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