Light Output? Light Output!

Light Output Light Output!

What Is The Term Light Yield? The emitting luminous flux is correlated with the electrical power consumption. Light output = luminous flux (lm) / power consumption (W) But what are the terms:  luminous flux and power consumption? Luminous flux: Unfortunately , there is no definite regulation as to how…
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LED Lamp Beam Angle

LED lamp beam angle A maximum viewing angle which is commercially available LED lamp currently around 180 degrees around, this angle is required especially for surfaces and background lighting. zB for furniture-accent lighting, name plates, kitchen cabinets, or billboards. A 100°…
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LED Table

Equivalences and energy saving among traditional luminaires and LEDs Table of equivalences for interior lighting and exterior lighting The total consumption of halogens is the sum of its own consumption more than the transformer and whose consumption being 6-12W, so…
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