The Challenge of Lighting in The Car Is Not Only Have More Light, But That Is Smarter

A few days ago we have known the ultimate in automotive lighting, at least part of the manufacturer Philips Lumileds. Although we have seen some that another new product (that has some interest), nor have seen something that we can be categorized as revolutionary. Four years ago we reviewed the latest in car headlights, and a year before we explain what consisted technologies and advanced lighting and vision and for the moment is still working on that same: Halogen, xenon, LED and laser… more lighthouses OLED (in principle for secondary functions). Continue reading “The Challenge of Lighting in The Car Is Not Only Have More Light, But That Is Smarter”

Plants to The Letter, Another Advantage of The Use of Lighting LED in The Greenhouses of The Future

The the future greenhouse It will not seem too which are used to seeing in the South of Spain. At least the technology used for the lighting should change to improve their efficiency and better use.

The farm with LED lights to the letter from Philips has been supported by a recent study that confirms the advantages of using type LED lights in greenhouses. Firstly there is talk of the economic aspect, because the lighting is responsible for 35% of spending in the greenhouses. With the LED lights we are talking about that over seven years it would already depreciated by question of do not need annual replacement added to lower consumption. The study also claims that in 16 years the cost of traditional lamps is double that which we can have for the use of LED technology. Continue reading “Plants to The Letter, Another Advantage of The Use of Lighting LED in The Greenhouses of The Future”

Murrina Medusa Lamp

Murrina It is a firm reality into the world blown glass of Murano production scene. Manufacturers and craftsmen in equal parts, in his catalog can see the most amazing crystal chandeliers you can imagine.

Within the renewed classics collection, the Medusa lamp Thanks to its original form and the mystery that follows the light arising from their limbs stands out among the other crystal chandeliers. Continue reading “Murrina Medusa Lamp”

The Incandescent Light Bulb, Chronicle of a Disappearance Foretold.

When it happens, will cost more than one citizen to believe it, but in three years leave retailers see classics incandescent light bulbs. The European Union already has launched the process, approving a plan for the withdrawal of these bulbs in all its scope. The time limit is three years, which, whenever you want us to realize, the incandescent light bulb will have passed to history, something that will happen the first day of September of the year 2012. Continue reading “The Incandescent Light Bulb, Chronicle of a Disappearance Foretold.”

Choose Ribbon LED Bulbs

Today, LED lighting is currently more popular. LED RIBBONS are one of the most common products of the market, whether to light below the kitchen cabinets or to create mood lighting…

When comparing the LED strips, they all differences and there are some settings that can help us to determine which are most appropriate for each use.

The following features will help us choose what model of led strip that fits our needs:

Continue reading “Choose Ribbon LED Bulbs”

Parking and Garages LED Lighting

Lighting of car parks (or outdoors) and garages with LED will bring security, economy and better visibility.

Efficient and Decorative

They exist in different areas, as well at the commercial level at home, where security is a major factor. In addition the fact that the shadows and darkness are allies of thieves already that for various reasons, the type of activity that occurs in these places, has an imminent risk of accident. And it is here, lighting becomes a vital part of the decoration of some of these

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Help the Belgium to Spend a Warm Winter: Use LED Lighting

Discussions on the use of electricity is rife. It will have to reduce our use of energy. But how can a country like the Belgium know a current shortage? As it is absurd to have to reduce our Christmas lights?

If everyone do it consumes slightly less as usual, it seems to us that there will be no problem. The authorities have even created a website with an indicator of consumption and tips for accused the energy shortage. Sure, there are several ways to go. For example here at home, you can read why LED lighting is cheaper in the long run. Continue reading “Help the Belgium to Spend a Warm Winter: Use LED Lighting”