Indoor Lighting

Types of Lamps

To reassure your child in his room, you should buy a bedside lamp with a soft and pleasant light.Choose the model to match the rest of piece of decoration. The record will be perfect! Locate in this comparative few models suitable for…
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Children’s Bedside Lamps

Children are thrilled when decorating their room with sets withicons cartoon . In the example of this bedside lamp for Marvel Spiderman Boy LED from Philips. It is equipped with an insulating switch to secure its use by children, even very young.Reassuring, your…
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What is Therapy Light?

What is light therapy? Because unlike bears, we do not have the right to hibernate, gloom and blues hits often intoxicate our moral arrival of autumn. Why ? Just because from October, the lack of light weakens us. • The brightness…
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Lighting up the Living Room

Light up a living room can be a difficult exercise. Multitude of sources of light, atmosphere, type of activities, arrangement: all of these settings are to take into account to achieve a perfect lighting. To help, here are 10 mistakes to avoid!

Types of Vintage Lamps

Vintage Style Lamps

Light, both natural and artificial, gives life to our home: lamps and other lighting products are essential elements in the decoration of our space. While it is always preferable to natural light, the lamps allow us to create different environments in our rooms: an intimate space…
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