Indoor Lighting

Types of Lighting

There are five distinct types of lighting, each with a functionality and providing some specific needs. We will show you each of them explaining their features. The ambient lighting designates the General lighting of a Division, illuminated in all your volume. This lighting can…
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Lighting is a great ally in home decoration. To give relief, create an environment or mask minor defects, you can count on! Varies the intensity, play with lights and shadows, dare with the unexpected, etc. Let’s give you a series of suggestions and…
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Oil Lamp DIY

DIY Oil Lamp

Convenient for camping or in case of power failure, an oil lamp is easily manufactured. Through video tutorials, this paper craft models of lamps made from a user jar, a can or a simple glass. Our tips

Wood Desk Lamps

Lamps made ​​of wood are traditional representatives of ecodesign. For thousands of years man processes the natural material for the construction of consumer goods and dwellings. Many new wood processing technologies came out in the course of industrialization, which also characterize the lighting…
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Light in the Classroom

Light is the key to visual perception and feelings surrounding the man. When learning good light plays a central role in ensuring that learners can record the information optimally. In many educational institutions the lighting systems are deprecated. Investments in…
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Office Lighting

In approximately three out of four offices in Germany are coming to use lighting systems not on the state of the art – room for improvement there, especially in offices of industry, trade and public buildings. However, the inefficiency of…
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