Indoor Lighting

Lighting Decoration

With a dual function – to be decorative and practical – the natural and artificial light is so important in decorating how to choose the color palette for your housing. In addition to being essential to the performance of various activities…
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Find out which European Country Pay Less for Light

Did you know that in Portugal pay relatively little electricity. Know where you pay more in Europe.   The electricity bill is one of the fixed monthly expenses that all families have to endure. And it is also one of the most difficult to reduce. Despite the liberalisation of the energy market, the electricity rates have not come down and a news released recently by the business journal that the tendency is that energy prices will continue to rise in the coming years.

Improve Performance with Feng Shui

The quality of the work or service of any professional depends on the quality of your energy. This depends on various factors, such as rest and tranquillity.   As in any work or service, no matter how good is the Organization and control of the whole process, the good quality of the same depends largely on the person who is playing. As such, we are not limited to basic rules that all we…
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Tips for Saving Energy at Home

Save with your home has never been easier. Since the Enlightenment, the insulation of walls and roofs, HVAC, we leave here a few suggestions, simple and secure.   Lighting   -The replacement of lamps, opt for lamps, reducing up to 80% of electrical energy consumption in lighting. For example, the exchange of one halogen lamp 50W, working 4:00/day, by an LED lamp 7W, allow annual savings of € 9.50 (assuming a cost of0,15€/kWh).

The Right Lighting for Your Home

There are, sometimes, details that mark the difference. The decor of your home can have, or not, a happy ending according to your lighting options. See how to get the right light and accentuate the beauty and functionality of the different spaces of the House. The recommendations are of Sheila Azevedo Moura, interior designer.

Bethlehem without Christmas Lights to Help Low-Income Households

The parish of Belém, in Lisbon, back this year to be without Christmas illuminations to continue the annual aid to more than 200 families in need, said today the President of the Board to the agency Lusa.   “From 2012 that one ignores the Christmas lighting and this amount, an investmentof about 50000 euros, can support 213 families identified”, said Fernando Rajkumar(PSD).

Lamps with Style (II)

Today I made another delivery of lamps with style. To prepare made a small selection of interesting lamps as the Cosmic Angel of the prestigious company Artemide, the collection of Mob lamps of Design or the original Swab Liquid Lamp from…
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Create a Brighter Decor

The lighting in interior decoration is very important. Unfortunately not always we have enough natural light to illuminate our House, but today we will give you solutions and tricks to increase the illumination and clarity in your interior. The first thing we must…
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