Choose a Quality Solar Lamp

Solar Lamp: Select and Optimize

Choose a Quality Solar Lamp

There are a wide variety of solar lights in the market, and it is sometimes difficlle to compare the performance and quality: life, quality of components, solar light intensity, light color, autonomy…, this information is not always given. Make sure the product specifications, materials, number of LEDs, power in lumens, battery capacity, solar panel size, because often a lot more inexpensive solar lights marking lamps least one powerful solar lamp with a short life. (Oxidation of components).

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Some Elements to Choose a Dive Light

Will make for their future dives. These investments include the acquisition of a lighthouse or a dive light. In ten years, the changes have been very large for headlight technology, both the battery side (to provide electricity) as ampoules (for light)… I do not want to produce here a pitch sales but rather bring elements of choice for divers who are about to spend a pretty penny for an object that will serve them only thirty minutes per dive …

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Solar Lighting

To determine which power the solar panel is necessary, take into account the different criteria for use.

In simplified terms, we must ask the following questions:

  • Question 1: What are my installation must supply: lighting?TV? phone chargers?
  • Question 2: What is the power consumed by these devices and how long will they remain in operation each day?
  • Question 3: Is this a one-time use during estivalle, or annual usage?If annual use, it will add at least 30% additional safety margin to take into account the yield losses in winter.

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NexTorch Flashlights

Do not underestimate the importance of a robust lamp among your gear! It can be crucial in camping, hiking, hunting, or any other situation where your visual acuity improved. Whether you need a headlamp, flashlight, table lamp, batteries or accessories, we have the best equipment and the best brands; NexTorch is used by the Chinese police, Savotta is a well-developed and reputable Finnish brand with many years of experience in outdoor equipment, LED LENSER specializes in LED lighting, and then there Gerber, designed in collaboration with none other than Bear Grylls – and it says the themselves the benefits which lies therein. Take a look inside our range and become turned on a lamp that fits your needs.

Please check our wide range of Rod and mini lights – with price guarantee

Having a good light on the road is alpha-omega on a survival trip. It is good to have on hand when darkness falls, the tent must be set up to look for firewood in a dense forest or you have to write the work in the tent after dark. The site offers all kinds of torches and mini lights for the best price, and they are obviously all in topgennemtænkt quality and the best materials. We offer brands such as Savotta, NexTorch, Gerber – Bear Grylls and LED LENSER. All developed top-quality aluminum, all are water resistant and because they are all with LED lights, giving the maximum burning time, so you can think of anything else.

The hands-free solution: find your new headlamp

With a headlamp you have great opportunities to go more thorough approach and streamline your work since you have both hands free. A headlamp is perfect for example if you must chop wood, run, cook, clean the wound, make a dressing etc. We have several brands of headlamps: Petzl, Silva Life Systems, NexTorch and Gerber – Bear Grylls. All our headlamps are obviously top-quality, long-lasting battery life, as they are with LED lights. Most models from Petzl has red rocker clear front glass makes it easy to switch between white and red light – a great feature if you need to work long hours in the dark, while the red light is easier on the eyes to work with.

Cheap table lamps for real camp atmosphere

We have the best, cheapest and coolest gear in table lamps and lanterns, and we are able to deliver several kinds of energy; kerosene lamps, LED and solar lamps. Of the German reputable brand Feuerhand we present various models which are all kerosene lamps. Feuerhands kerosene lamps has been produced by the same principle the last 100 years, which makes the product extremely reliable and quality safely. Feuerhand gives you the real caravan or friluftstemning with their very pleasant light. Would you like to have more light in the camp, and one more to the energy-saving LED lights, we can present both LuminAID and Savotta; Savotta Camping Lamp is powered on the 4 included AA batteries and with LED light bulb, you are guaranteed a really bright light and long hours of burning time, while providing the original atmosphere of the camp and coziness. LuminAID is high-tech solar-powered, and therefore you do not think of batteries or other accessories. It’s just going to lie it out in the sun all day long (or hang it on the back of the pack), and then it charged and ready for use.

Rechargeable Flashlight Reviews

What are rechargeable flashlights?

These lamps carry batteries rechargeable and can therefore be recharged many times. They are easy to carry and are portable.

Some have lithium-ion batteries, which are very light, others carry lead-acid batteries. Others are solar, it’s rechargeable flashlights that use solar energy to recharge and are very favourable for the environment.

The lamps are essential tools for the professionals such as police officers, whose jobs require a reliable lighting tool. Due to a lower cost of operation and the comfort of the batteries, the use of these rechargeable lamps have been very popular. Today, available in a variety of manufacturers.

Benefits of rechargeable flashlights

These rechargeable lamps have extraordinarily low operating expenses and are very suitable for frequent use. The initial purchase price is reduced with time with the lack of new batteries, which can be very expensive if the flashlight Gets a lot of use. Many rechargeable flashlights use LED bulbs, it is best to choose Led lighting, are more efficient than an incandescent lamp, halogen or bulbs, so you’ll get even more battery life. The hardness that have many models makes them extremely durable, you get maximum performance from every light years. Due to its long life (up to 100,000 hours), flashlights with rechargeable batteries do not require periodic replacement.

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LED Flashlights from Lamps Marks Lenser

Lamps marks Lenser

Lamps LED Lenser brand is from German, whose models are the best known around the world with one of the largest sales of LED flashlights.

Hundreds of patents and design awards make up the brand, it is now a company of more than 1,000 employees, with three manufacturing bases and a series of some of the LED- flashlights of the highest quality in the world. And today, as in the beginning, still driven by light, the issuance, channelling and feeding.

Advantages of Lenser lamps

In a nutshell, Led Lenser lamps and lanterns used more efficient than any other lamp light output in the market. This means that when a Led Lenser light compared with one from a competitor, Led Lenser light will actually be brighter.

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