Bulbs For a Welcoming Living Room Colors

Lighting your living room is gray mine? Change your light bulbs! For a radical change, choose color bulbs. They transformed the mood light but also the atmosphere of a room in record time!

What Color of Light Bulb For My Living Room?

The color of the bulb plays on the general tone of the piece. For an intimate and hushed, opt for Red bulbs. For a cheerful lounge and cosy, bet on the yellow and orange bulbs. Attention, change all your light bulbs. Just one bulb of colour to permeate the room. A homely trend RESTful and zenliving room, choose rather on the violet or the Parma, very soothing hues.

The Bulbs of Varying Color to Play with the Lighting in the Living Room

What’s more enjoyable than an adjustable lighting? It is possible with new light bulbs of varying colors, true jewels of technology. For example, use a bulb Led 8 W (equivalent to 70 W) multi colors to play with the lighting. This “super bulb’ is remote up to 20 m and offers thousands of colors. It can even vary in intensity ! To create a living room welcoming and tailor-made according to your moods!

What Type of Bulb Color to Choose?

Technology, you have the choice between LED or CFL bulbs defined by historyaah.com. All types of luminaires, lamps, or spots can therefore accommodate color bulbs. For a welcoming lounge, we recommend to change the bulb of a table lamp or a streetlight. Keep color bulbs for general lighting. Remember, for a basic cozy lighting, bet on blisters with a white color temperature warm equivalent to 3000 kelvins.