Best LED Downlights

LED spotlights are gradually replacing the halogen lamps, for which offer advantages in terms of duration, energy saving and vibration resistance. Take the tour to learn about features, prices and offers of the best LED spotlights.

Best LED Downlights

What differs from traditional incandescent lights led lights? Certainly the energy saving, led spotlights allow you to save around 70% of electricity than typical halogen bulbs. But not only that, they also have a longer life, are more efficient, and do not pollute (are made with non-toxic materials and mercury).

Also light up immediately and the lining is unaffected by the influence of heat. Above all they are cheap; lower cost than in the past and has allowed for an increase in sales and therefore a greater diffusion.

And though initially the emitted light was white and cold today, you can also choose a warmer lighting reminiscent of incandescent bulbs. Only drawback the disposal, being products WEEE and therefore must dispose of electrical and electronic wastes in special ecological Islands.

How to choose a good quality led spotlight

But what are the criteria for choosing a good quality led Spotlight? Eye to the label, it contains all the information that you need to know. The most important is the light output, the higher the number the higher the lumens lighting capacity (the luminous intensity is also reported with the unit of measurement of the candle). Be careful though, not always what is declared on the label corresponds to reality, there are cases when the bulb has a luminous efficiency of up to 20% lower than what was written.

Of equal importance is the angle of light. Depending on the amount of area to be illuminated you must choose the type of operation of the light beam. If the headlight should illuminate only one object then we need a more concentrated light, making it preferable to choose one with a viewing angle of 20°, on the contrary if the surface to be illuminated is much larger then the corner must have an opening of at least 60° to produce a larger light.

To check then, still on the label, the product life (hours), the number of ignitions and shutdowns likely, the switch-on time (within one second), the type of light (hot or cold), the length and diameter of the bulb, the type of attack (usually a bayonet), the need to use a transformer (if needed) and the possibility of connecting the bulb to installations with dimmers or dimmer.

It is very important to also examine the energy label that tells you about the light bulb efficiency according to consumption: class A ++ indicates a product of maximum efficiency, saving. Also always on the label shows the consumption in kWh per 1000 hours of use.

Best led the market

According to my personal reviews here are the best led downlights:

IKEA LEDARE GU10 Led Spotlight and costs 7 €. Emits 200 lumens, corresponding to the luminous intensity of a 25 watt incandescent bulb. The life expectancy is around 25,000 hours with a power consumption of up to 85% less than regular incandescent bulbs. Made of polycarbonate, does not contain mercury and therefore offers a high margin of safety not only in technology but also in the choice of materials. The light has a warm white which makes it particularly suited to relaxation areas. Has a good value for money.

220-240V LED spotlight PAR16 VERBATIM SPOT at 25 €. Produced with the latest technology and with top quality materials, this Spotlight provides a high level of security and a higher quality than any halogen light. It has a high IRC (< 80) that develops a very high color rendering: this aspect makes the improved lighting system for textile articles and for all objects that require highly accurate colour rendition. The power is 7 watts, with an output of 400 lumens and a life expectancy of 30,000 hours. The intensity of the light, which is the same as that of a halogen bulb to 51 Watts, is ideal for professional use and for illuminating large areas. The spotlight is also equipped with the “temperature control system TCS” embedded which reduces the risk of overheating, making the product even safer and cheaper.

PHILIPS 8718291192909 5 W LED SPOTLIGHT and costs 15 €. Has a power of 5 watts, which replaces a 30 watt halogen lamp with GU 5.3. This small key element for directional lighting system offers a light beam, from warm white natural that reproduces the effect of incandescent bulbs. For his light comfortable with a very high color rendering index, this spotlight is particularly suitable for environments that require a realistic as possible colour rendition and a light source very similar to natural light indoors. Considerable energy savings up to 90% and offers a valuable contribution in terms of environmental sustainability. Value for money is also remarkable: the product has a life expectancy of up to 15 years. Very versatile, can be used both for general lighting and directional: his ray of light from 36°, in fact, despite being concentrated creates a warm and relaxing atmosphere and adapts to various occasions. The materials and processing, both of the highest quality, translate into a cutting edge design and a smooth and pleasant to the touch.

SAMSUNG-M8W06SAD0EU SPOTLIGHT GU 5.3 and costs 10 €. Has a power of 5 watts, equivalent to a 35-watt halogen lamp: luminous flux is from 310 lumens and has a warm white. The lifetime of 15,000 hours: the high quality of the materials prevents overheating and ensures good color rendition with extremely low consumption. The cone of light, the angle of 40°, is very focused and is especially useful in environments with insufficient natural light exposure, as the corridor and the ceiling. The bell-shaped “conformation” facilitates cooling and also serves as the “radiator”. For the high quality of light, the long life and remarkable ability to lower the cost of the Bill, this spot offers one of the best value for money.

PHILIPS TWISTLINE LEDTWIST4B1 and costs 10 €. With a Plug and a power of 4 watt GU10 light bulbs, 35 watt halogen lamp that replaces a spot. It makes use of an advanced LED technology that allows for instant on and energy savings of 90% compared to normal halogen bulbs. High quality cool white light ideal for environments requiring illumination soft and refined generic; in the bathroom, the frosted finish and the concentrated beam of light and not overly bright diffuse a relaxing atmosphere. Totally free of mercury and lead and made from high quality materials, this Spotlight saves electricity while still maintaining the highest safety standards. Lasts up to 15 years.