Bathroom Lighting: How to Properly Illuminate Shower

Optimize the illumination of a shower in a bathroom.

The shower is an everyday essential element in any hotel or housing modern and contemporary, that with the rise of design has gained weight in the world of Interior design and lighting in bathrooms, giving much play to create bathrooms with real personality. Today we tell you some basics that you should keep in mind when it comes to properly illuminate a shower, based on parameters of aesthetics, comfort and safety as architect or interior designer. Attentive!

The BTH (For other BTH acronyms, check Abbreviationfinder) is the part of the house where we entered every morning and get ready to give our best face to the world. That corner of relaxation where take a toning shower and recharge batteries to face a new day’s work. Correct lighting of this stay is essential and deserves a separate chapter, aesthetic, technical and environmental characteristics for this reason, many manufacturers have specialized in this field: the client increasingly demands more when what we speak of is of illuminate correctly and with personality bathroom.

Bathroom Lighting How to Properly Illuminate Shower

One of them is Astro Lighting, signature worldwide concerning English – which I have already spoken in previous articles – proposing systems specially designed to respond to the lighting of the different parts of the bathroom needs. As specialized Barcelona study lighting in homes and hotels, modern and unique, today we want to focus on the lighting in the shower, undisputed protagonist in contemporary bathrooms, and give you guidelines that will help you make the most of your lighting.

To achieve the environment in this area and enhance its expected effect of relaxation and intimacy, in homes and private residences we recommend that you opt for customize the space with a warm light and guidance, either you choose a glimmer of low voltage that bathe the area. You can do it in several ways:

  • From the ceiling with downlights recessed LED or halogen, as model hedge of Astro Lighting.
  • Using a linear lighting system, placed by way of headrail, to get a uniform light in all wall bath.
  • Placing embedded in the wall that swim out the ground, offering a more warm and light similar to the signage, as that is achieved with the model Tango LED by Astro Lighting.

When choosing lighting for showers in hotels, on the other hand, you have to look at that systems provide greater visibility, to guarantee an optimal safety and better cleaning. Play with the design and take advantage of drawers or the own shower spaces such as wooden pallets or SOAP dishes, place recessed small inside. For these cases, the ideal is a system downlights as model TerraLED, or a linear system of lighting as a model Wolf, both of Astro Lighting.

Being of wetlands, to stick to the rules of electrical installation choose bulbs or systems that operate at 12 to 30 volts and that require a transformer. In this way, you avoid electrical damage. In addition, it is essential that the shower fixtures have an appropriate protection index IP65 or higher, against the penetration of dust, solid bodies and humidity, to avoid getting water on either side.

Lighting plays a crucial role if you are looking for is to create showers current and comfortable, able to transport you to a world of relaxation and well-being. For this reason, if you have at hand a project of these characteristics, ideally go for specialized firms, with products designed solely for this type of stays.

Follow our tips if you want to avoid errors, such as that you have in the article “because hotels baths are poorly lit”; and share them if you think that they may be useful to other architects or interior designers like you, seeking to illuminate bathrooms with the maximum guarantee and security.