Area-wide LED Switch

The extent of the positive effects of a consistent conversion to LED is drastically underestimated by politicians still. And had that, although the conversion of private households and businesses to LED technology progresses faster than any forecasts predicted. With a mandatory switch to LED grade A from 2016, Europe could save more than 100 terawatt power by 2026, reduce CO2 emissions significantly and reduce the cost of the national electricity systems to billions.

The prices of high-quality LED lights fall, with simultaneous increase in energy efficiency, consistently and faster than expected from the industry and experts. According to the study “Report on European LED Market” the Danish Energy Authority CLASP LED lights are now the most popular lighting products in Europe. The market research report emphasizes that today’s LED bulbs conventional incandescent and halogen bulbs inferior in terms of shape, size and quality of light into nothing. In addition, the study finds that consumer and professional lighting companies such as IKEA or Erco already change and concludes that the LED market in Europe in the face of a revenue growth of 477% between 2007 and 2013. has already developed into a mass market. These assessments regarding LED technology are also the Management Report 2015 divided by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

These significant developments bearing in the EU Commission is currently consulting the adaptation of a law, which provides for the gradual transition of the market from halogen to LED lamps in the coming years. A shortening of the transition periods and a consequent conversion to LED Class A from September 2016 would have substantial savings for European consumers and economies result.