Akon Lighting Africa

While today some 80 percent of the world population has access to electricity, only about a third of the population of the African continent will enjoy this luxury, 600 million people in Africa live without electricity. With solar and LED technology Akon Lighting Africa initiative brings hope for a better world.

Almost 600 million people, especially in rural areas, live in Africa alone without electricity and thus without artificial light sources. The impact on the development potential of these companies are fatal (as mentioned in a previous article reports). When night falls, a large part of Africa is plunged into complete darkness. For African women, it takes far more time to complete the most basic household tasks to perform, young people and children, once it gets dark, do not study and learn. The lack of power supply and the high cost of traditional alternatives such as candle wax or diesel generators have a negative impact on the productivity and profitability of African companies and therefore also the employment rate. Access to sustainable energy is crucial for the development and growth of Africa.

To facilitate Africa access to artificial light, the musician Akon 2014 Akon Lighting Africa initiative launched. Three types of installations which solar technology and LED technology combine, financed the initiative through donations: Solar / LED street lights, solar Microgenerators for use in municipalities and solar / LED Haushaltsanschlusskits. Today Akon Lighting Africa initiative is already in more than ten African countries represented. The German light rent is pleased with the success and the essential contribution of LED technology for better, more sustainable world and wishes Akon and his team all the best for the future path.