Agatha and Air, New Luzifer Lamps

Luzifer It has launched a new collection of lamps, the suspension is called Agatha, of table, Air and there are also models of foot and applique all they manufactured with cutting-edge materials that are based on the natural wood treated, they are compatible with incandescent light bulbs and low-consumption and have a lightweight design and simple but at the same time very original.

The appearance of the finish can be natural wood in beech, cherry or white and also dyed bolivar in color, tones such as orange, red, grey or yellow are some of the possibilities with regard to the form If we look at Air we see that it is actually inspired by more traditional table lamps, but what would be the screen comes from the foot of a natural, innovative and very elegant way, so that depending on the color you choose it can be framed almost in all types of environment.

There are all the models in different sizes, two to be more exact, of suspension with one or three lights, as small or large and the table can be also two heights, the choice will depend on where it you are going to place and the luminosity want, enabling a larger more intensity of light, the only drawback that I see in the suspension is when cleaning it, but that is a common problem in many of ceiling lamps, it is matter of spend a while from time to time.