Advice to Illuminate Our House Properly

Lighting is a topic sometimes slip up. It is very important to take it into account not only for aesthetic reasons but also for reasons of energy efficiency and respect for the environment.

With a correct lighting you can achieve effects and very interesting results. You may be able to accentuate certain colors, highlight textures and, above all, the most important, expand the space.

You can make the lack of a space is different depending on the lighting to use. Also with a poor or incorrect lighting can cause the opposite effect. Create smaller spaces.

Today we will give you some basic tips to imluminar our home. Let’s define each space for parts:

-Room: We recommend that you use an intensity of faint light and never direct. It is best to point it to the wall or to the ceiling. So you play with the reflection effect which makes it a more welcoming environment.

-Living room: Usually this requires space and a good general light that creates a smooth and uniform lighting. Lu points should be placed in a Criterium to be able to achieve the effect. You can also resolve with lamps of feet that point to your light to the ceiling.

-Kitchen: The most important thing in a space like this is to avoid the shadows. It is indispensable. For this it is best to use spotlights to ceiling or points of light under the highest cabinets. If you have a table to eat, uses a ceiling lamp.

-Bathrooms: As we commented in kitchens, here the shadows are also to be avoided. How to avoid them? Flanking the mirror using a weave because if only a light centrares will be poor and you will always have annoying shadows.

Another important theme is the choice of the appropriate lamps:

-Incandescent bulbs emit a warm light. On 8 December 2008 the EU members have approved the Commission’s proposal to restrict progressively incandescent bulbs in the EU market. Above all, for the sake of saving energy.

-Halogen Lamps: Provide a white light and powerful but give off much heat.

-Fluorescent Lamps: last long, consume little but your light is too cold.

-Led Lamp: is fashion technology allowing a lower consumption without emitting heat. The your price is to reduce considerably and is very advisable if you have spaces where you need to have the light on for a long time followed.

It is not always profitable to change the led bulb, yet you continue to download your price will be 100% recommended.