A Lamp Made with Clips

In search of original lamps and made with everyday objects, have found that you see in the image, designed by Gary Ponzo and performed with around 4000 office clips intertwined together and strung together in a structure of several rings that give shape to the lamp.

This creates a network that covers the screen, which hides a secret that is revealed when you turn on the light: on the roof projecting the shadow of the mesh, creating a very curious geometric pattern. The bulb, silver, placed protruding through the bottom, detail that gives it even more personality.

For this purpose are needed about 40 boxes of 100 clips, which an approximate price of a euro per box, throw a cost of 40 euro. This account, worthy one, two three, be added to the price of cable, bulb and Cap rings, which will take the final price just beyond the fifty euros.