8 Creative Ideas to Decorate With Different Types of LED light Bulbs

What is done with taste, not only attracts the attention and flattery, but also that those who like to enjoy things or places with these features feel happy, comfortable and relaxed…

It is certain that when you find yourself in front of a landscape, you feel special emotions in front of the ability of nature to give this light and combine the colors of a harmonious and perfect way. This nature, you can take it at home, at your office or at your commercial premises, by combining the best of lighting with the best light technology.

This is why different TYPES of LED bulbs are a smart SOLUTION to achieve this effect with the natural character of the light and the best equipment. Creativity is the only limit to what you can achieve using a few materials and different types of LED lights.

Ideas For Decorating With Led Bulbs.

Different types of LED bulbs such as the Estaterealest.com, Vintage light bulbs and LED flame light bulbs combined with the best Cables in silicone, plastic bottles, cartons and other elements will give a special touch to this space, and will bring personality and originality.

Plumbing of light:

Take a set of steel, copper or PVC plumbing pipe and create a framework. Insert the cable inside and add a nerve adapter at each end and place a bulb LED Vintage. You can fix it on a piece of wood, decorated previously.

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Bottled lamps:

Take 3 bottles of sparkling water plastic and cut them to about 10 centimeters below the nerve. Paint them with pastel colors, and unite them to silicone cables and adapters according to the type of bulbs you want to use. You will get a colorful and original lamp.

Canning light:

You can use 2 to 3 cans at Grand opening to create original lamps for bedside table. Punch them uniform holes by drawing a drawing or forms. Make a larger hole near the base for the cable silicone, place the adapters for the model of LED lights to use and you will get 2 or 3 beautiful lamps.

Square shelf:

Take a square (see picture below) as that used for the shelves, preferably wooden. Fix it on the wall where you want to place the point of light. Pass a cable silicone through the holes reserves normally screws to fix the shelf from the bottom to the top, entering through the area closest to the wall and down to the outer tip of the room, then leaving the cable hang down. For example, you can do it with our type cage Tarabilla Lamp lamp.

Glass light:

Take 5 glass containers of medium size with a screwable lid and uissez – the cables by making a hole in the lid. Then place an adapter for bulb flame at the ends or any other bulb type and create a hanging lamp.

Grated light:

Attach four graters kitchen on a rectangular wooden base. Previously cut holes to pass the cables and adapters for LED Globe lights, inside the utensils by example, and we will get a very originals hanging lamp.

Decorative Led Bulbs: Letting Your Imagination Fly

In addition to the hundreds of possibilities you have to create different designs of lamps, using LED bulbs, you can fly your imagination on the walls or ceilings.


Paint on a wall a magnificent landscape abstract style or childish style for the kid’s room. Then, in the box where the Sun is painted, use a set of LED lights to illuminate the Sun at any time.


A night full of stars is beautiful and romantic. Fill out the ceiling and the walls of stars created with LED lighting, with a colorful sky, clouds and the moon. This also may have LED lighting.