35 Watt Halogen vs LED

LED lamps test by 03.12.2012, now have I tested another new LED lamp of the brand Lumixon for you and compared with 35 watt halogen lamp. The new generation of LED lamps are now equipped with brand of LEDs.

In this case with a Samsung LED chip, high color rendering thanks to a very high CRI of 85 RA factor. promises over a very long time it had not been possible to build a LED, which has a very good color index chip. Now, a further step is done and the race goes on.

Technical data:

  • Performance / consumption: ~ 3.5 watts
  • Nominal voltage: 230 Volt
  • LED type: Samsung LED chip
  • LED number: 7
  • Beam angle: 25°
  • Dimensions: ø50mm length 55mm

Color parameter:

  • Luminous intensity: 253 lumen
  • Light colour: warm tone
  • Color temperature: 2800 K
  • CRI: 85 RA

LED lamps test and the first two pictures:

Here we have a light angle of 25 ° with the LED lamp. Such as on the left as on the right picture, one can clearly see the narrow angle of the light of the LED lamp. In comparison to the LED with the wide angle here has the opposite was achieved through a special reflector lamps. The actual light intensity begins only after 15 cm from the lamp and not immediately after the lamp.

Here we can see the light very precisely and cleanly distributed. That illuminates very well and very strongly the object including.

Now we come to the back of the halogen lamp, the we have already described in a previous LED lamps test:

Here, you can see a very strong light output on the object. But the light is not as clean and smooth down, but will be transmitted also to the pages. It has the strongest point of light less than 10 cm and then the light intensity decreases. When the LED lamp light begins to increase his strength after 15 cm and will continue getting bigger and stronger. Arrived at the object reaches the LED light size lamp peaked. See also the shadow image of the LED lamp.

Now let us look at a few more pictures:

Here we see clearly and clear: the light from the LED lamp is very evenly down. Clean lines of light and a very good light structure.

On the comparison picture, we see both lamps directly next to on. Here is also clearly visible that a LED luminous intensity is better lamp 253 lumens than a 35 Watt halogen lamp. Including the object is very strong from the LED lamp illuminated, even on lit. The light is not wasted when the insured withdraws from the case, but arrives exactly there, where it should be.

LED lamps test result: this lamp of the brand LUMIXON is ideal for targeted illumination of objects and exhibits. But also very good in the home area if you want to achieve special lighting effects. The LED lamp wasted no light and delivers them right there, where he find should be. Is 90% more economical than a halogen lamp and over 30,000 hours is supposed to work.