Choose Ribbon LED Bulbs

Today, LED lighting is currently more popular. LED RIBBONS are one of the most common products of the market, whether to light below the kitchen cabinets or to create mood lighting…

When comparing the LED strips, they all differences and there are some settings that can help us to determine which are most appropriate for each use.

The following features will help us choose what model of led strip that fits our needs:

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Parking and Garages LED Lighting

Lighting of car parks (or outdoors) and garages with LED will bring security, economy and better visibility.

Efficient and Decorative

They exist in different areas, as well at the commercial level at home, where security is a major factor. In addition the fact that the shadows and darkness are allies of thieves already that for various reasons, the type of activity that occurs in these places, has an imminent risk of accident. And it is here, lighting becomes a vital part of the decoration of some of these

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Help the Belgium to Spend a Warm Winter: Use LED Lighting

Discussions on the use of electricity is rife. It will have to reduce our use of energy. But how can a country like the Belgium know a current shortage? As it is absurd to have to reduce our Christmas lights?

If everyone do it consumes slightly less as usual, it seems to us that there will be no problem. The authorities have even created a website with an indicator of consumption and tips for accused the energy shortage. Sure, there are several ways to go. For example here at home, you can read why LED lighting is cheaper in the long run. Continue reading “Help the Belgium to Spend a Warm Winter: Use LED Lighting”

How to Change a Fluorescent LED

Even if sometimes change a fluorescent tube by a LED tube may seem easy, other times, it can be a real headache if one does not take into account some details.

To make installation easier, we have prepared this simple step by step guide to change the fluorescent tubes for LED tubes.

Depending on your installation (with ferromagnetic ballast or electric), he will have to proceed differently.

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Lighting: the LED Revolution is Upon Us

After will be quietly introduced in signs and lights of our vehicles, LEDs are preparing to establish itself in the city and in our foyers. And they have it all…

The signs do not deceive. In Germany, the city of Darmstadt has already replaced many streetlights from a residential area by the luminaires equipped each of 86 LED (( Light Emitting Diode) high power, with lenses and reflectors. In Los Angeles, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa announced the replacement of 140,000 bulbs of the megalopolis of 4 million inhabitants by emitting diodes. « This program renovation is the most ambitious in the world ever undertaken by a municipality. It should reduce our emissions of carbon dioxide of approximately 40,500 tonnes per year, equivalent to remove 6,000 cars traffic “, said the Mayor at a press conference given on 16 February in the presence of former president Bill Clinton, today at the head of the Clinton Climate Initiativea branch of his Foundation created in 2006. Continue reading “Lighting: the LED Revolution is Upon Us”

Choose the LED Bulb

The main features of the LED:

Color temperature

. LEDs have a scale of color temperatures ranging from 2700K to 6500K. The lowest value (2700K), commonly referred to as ‘White hot’ tends to yellow, while most student ‘White cold’ (6500K) tends to blue.

The hot ´blanc’ creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere, it is normally used in bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms. Cold Le´Blanc’ diffuses a fresh light and bright, it is used for offices, kitchens etc.

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What Are the Different Types of Light Bulbs?

When the energy of the Sun is not enough, the bulbs take over. However, all the lights do not in the same way, or with the same efficiency. Discover the different types of light bulbs.

In France, the consumption ofenergy dedicated to lighting account for 12% of total consumption of electricity of the country (numbers Ademe 2013-2014). Every household would have some 25 points of light. The market, several types of bulbs are competing. Continue reading “What Are the Different Types of Light Bulbs?”

LED Bulbs: Economic?

LED light bulbs, much more respectful of the environment.

Why the LED lights? In the time we live the need to protect the environment, added to the economic crisis, many countries are experiencing, it is important to be aware of the issues of conservation and the economy.

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Learn to Choose Light Bulbs

Compact fluorescent, halogen or led? It is not always easy to know what bulb to choose. Our advice to navigate.

Incandescent bulbs are living their last months. 40 watts will no longer be sold after August 31, 2011. 25, after December 31, 2012. Fluo-compact, led or halogen, their replacements are supposed to be more respectful of the environment. Except that… expensive to buy, that’s what people say they are dangerous!
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Use Light Bulbs Low Energy to Make Energy Savings

If you have decided to implement actions and methods in order to reduce your electricity consumption, then you have no choice, going to go end sift through the details of your electricity consumption and watch all the electrical appliances in order to reduce their consumption as soon as possible.

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8 Creative Ideas To Illuminate With LED Strips

LED strips: Light, decorate and bathe the walls in any room.

A warm and nicely decorated room is the dream of all people of good taste. Even better, if this is achieved with a low budget and originality. One of the best ways to achieve this goal is to give a special touch to the rooms of the House. In particular, when we give light to places, spaces or special areas inside a room. For example, to illuminate the edge of a work surface, the rectangle framing a picture or photograph, the edge of a piece of furniture, and many other things. This can be done effectively and practice using the fabulous LED strips. These fixtures exist in different designs adapting to ideas and decorative meet finishing requirements.

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