Oil Lamp DIY

Convenient for camping or in case of power failure, an oil lamp is easily manufactured. Through video tutorials, this paper craft models of lamps made from a user jar, a can or a simple glass.

Our tips

  • Use onlynon-flammable materials that withstand heat to make your lamp.
  • Thoroughly clean the support to contain the oil before starting.
  • Recycle your bulbsto make small decorative oil lamps.
  • To customize your lamp and make a decorative accessory on a table or shelf, mix a littlefood coloring in oil and pour oil red, blue or green in a clear glass container.
  • Preferfuels of vegetable origin to synthetic oils, based gasoline or kerosene, which broadcast polluting microparticles into the atmosphere.
  • Make twist the cloth wick between your fingers to move it in its holder.
  • Preferably usecotton to make the wick . If you do not, you can optionally choose hemp, wool or linen.
  • Place a square of aluminum as part of the wick to light, to create a thermal barrier between the flame and the lamp.

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LED Kitchen Lighting

LED bulbs, small bulbs to energy generation, evolved much for one or two years. More powerful and efficient, they now lend themselves to all uses, including in the kitchen. And suddenly, the lighting is deco!

What do the LED?

A LED (English abbreviation of Light Emitting Diode) is an electronic component that allows the transformation of electricity into light. This is, to date, the most economical light source (it consumes very little), performing and sustainable (40,000 hours on average). Their performance double every two years while their price drops by 20% each year. Led home lighting may represent 70% of the light from here to 2020.

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How to Fix a Light Fixture

My lamp no longer lights! How to fix a light fixture?

Like any electronic device, nothing is eternal. However, you just bought a lighting less than a year ago, and yet, you doubted you that he can’t die like that. And well you’re right! In itself, the lighting is not dead. It is just one of the many components which dropped. You will discover in this article, what are the components that are required to re-design. How to fix a light fixture?

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LED Mood Lighting

In a few years, the Led did improved to provide a more comfortable and low consumption light to our interiors. Progress measurable both in terms of lighting technology of color temperature. Today the pleasure is in addition to the comfort, and Led lighting connects to control remotely with ease. It is work of art, object design, indoor or outdoor for we accompany with style.

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Wood Desk Lamps

Lamps made ​​of wood are traditional representatives of ecodesign. For thousands of years man processes the natural material for the construction of consumer goods and dwellings. Many new wood processing technologies came out in the course of industrialization, which also characterize the lighting design to this day.

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DIY Chandeliers Lighting

Creative hobbies

Pascale Flechelles is creative at Bloo Lands, a brand of original and festive LED candles. Today, she shows us how to make a chandelier plant safe, ideal to illuminate your holiday and your evenings in the garden.

What you will need

Thanks to Pascale, you will create a green chandelier. For this, please bring pen of 1 cm thick cardboard, a pencil to paper, a fine cutter, of white glue, green gouache of a brush painting, a little water, of a dive to skewer, LED candles, a pair of scissors, 3 meters of Ribbon, one meter of seamstress, universal glue, foam plant, and pins. Finally, visit the site of Bloo Lands to download the pattern of the plant chandelier. Continue reading “DIY Chandeliers Lighting”