Conversion of a Ceiling Lamp on RGB

All that is important for the construction, you get taught here. In one simple image description you can transform step by step your lamp into a really great apartment accessory. The colored lighting brings immediately a pleasant mood in your living room. Even if you want to remodel your lamp only on a color or white, you can use this guide. Here, you then do not need a controller and build instead of controlling a dimmer. But enough of long words. Let’s start. Continue reading “Conversion of a Ceiling Lamp on RGB”

Customer Reference VIII.

Even sports halls benefit from a conversion to LED lighting. Because in addition to an increase in energy efficiency and the illumination of the halls is significantly improved. This positive experience also made the sports venue operators the UP Kletterzentrum Oldenburg, the Ground surrounded his climbing hall and tennis courts on advanced LED technology. Continue reading “Customer Reference VIII.”

Light in the Classroom

Light is the key to visual perception and feelings surrounding the man. When learning good light plays a central role in ensuring that learners can record the information optimally. In many educational institutions the lighting systems are deprecated. Investments in better light by LED technology would not only increase the quality of light, but also lead to high energy savings. Continue reading “Light in the Classroom”

Light on the Shop Floor

In stores, no matter whether in retail or at the mall, light has a major impact on the environment and thus also on the mood of customers. innovative LED technology is a high-quality and energy-efficient alternative to outdated, power-hungry lighting systems for the general lighting of retail space as well as for targeted effect lighting specific areas. Continue reading “Light on the Shop Floor”

Office Lighting

In approximately three out of four offices in Germany are coming to use lighting systems not on the state of the art – room for improvement there, especially in offices of industry, trade and public buildings. However, the inefficiency of this obsolete equipment is reflected in the end not only reflected in the cost of electricity. Continue reading “Office Lighting”

Akon Lighting Africa

While today some 80 percent of the world population has access to electricity, only about a third of the population of the African continent will enjoy this luxury, 600 million people in Africa live without electricity. With solar and LED technology Akon Lighting Africa initiative brings hope for a better world.

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Light in the City

The new EU guidelines on the use of bulbs and for increased energy savings make the issue of lighting of public spaces in major metropolitan areas more relevant than ever. To this the fact that many cities, towns and municipalities are strapped for cash, not least because of the economic crisis. Saving is therefore called for. Continue reading “Light in the City”

Light in the Communication

Find not only in medicine, also in the communication LED bulbs due to the continuous development increasingly more applications. Light is no longer just a means to darkness. The intensive exploration of the potentials of LED technology at the Fraunhofer Institute for Telecommunications in Berlin will soon the everyday use wireless transmission of data using light signals make possible. Continue reading “Light in the Communication”

Light in Medicine

Is used that light for medical purposes, is not new. The use of infrared light has been established as well as about the various medical fields using laser beams. With the steady progress in the development of LED lights, the revolutionary technology is also in modern medicine inexorably on the rise. Particularly, the therapeutic use of blue LED light for pain relief shows great potential.

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Testimonials III

Riedl-lifts, a southern German manufacturer of technically sophisticated elevator systems, directed its production process for years on sustainability. In the equipment of own production area, the company uses only the highest quality. Therefore came in made necessary modernization of lighting installation in the production hall only a lighting concept based on LED technology in question.

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Annual Review of 2015

2015 was an exceptionally successful year for the LED technology. And also for the German light rent has been shown, would be to achieve the long-term efforts. Because slowly but surely can convince policy and private sector of the benefits of LED lighting in terms of energy efficiency, environmental compatibility and sustainability.

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