Build Light From Old CDs

Who does not like to use a huge stock of old CDs in his office and would recommend this for something useful? Now there is a solution. You build from the CDs, DVDs or blanks a great lamp. With the help of a cold cathode, which fits into the inner circle of the CDs is possible. A voltage converter you get usually included in a set. Now you only need to stack the CDs and already is the light use. Continue reading “Build Light From Old CDs”

How to Choose the Right Bedside Lamp

Sleep is essential for your small and, on the day of his birth. To improve its environment and to further ensure comfort, you will quickly use a baby pilotthen set up a bedside lamp in his room so he is not afraid of the dark or loneliness During the night. Ains, especially his sleep will be even more beneficial for him fulfillment and self-confidence. Moreover, this type of lamp also has a purely decorative function to customize the room of your little one.Which model to choose among the bedside lamps for little girl or boy room?

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Types of Lamps

To reassure your child in his room, you should buy a bedside lamp with a soft and pleasant light.Choose the model to match the rest of piece of decoration. The record will be perfect! Locate in this comparative few models suitable for girls and boys.

Daughter Bedside Lamps

If you are looking for a bedside lamp baby girl cheap, go for this pilot Disney Projector Philips Queen of Snows . Its colorful design with a fun picture of the Snow Queen surely seduce your little girl.

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Children’s Bedside Lamps

Children are thrilled when decorating their room with sets withicons cartoon . In the example of this bedside lamp for Marvel Spiderman Boy LED from Philips. It is equipped with an insulating switch to secure its use by children, even very young.Reassuring, your child will feel more comfortable in his room.This bedside lamp Boys cheap is also ideal to tell stories at night.

Another option on the mark, it is his model Disney Pooh. With a very nice design, you can use it as his desk lamp.

Looking for a girl very design bedside lamp? The originality of the Disney Princess Micro Philips lamp will add a touch very decorative in your tiny room. This girl pink bedside lamp will broadcast a very peaceful atmosphere in the room. His playful design certainly entertain before sleeping.

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What is Therapy Light?

What is light therapy?

Because unlike bears, we do not have the right to hibernate, gloom and blues hits often intoxicate our moral arrival of autumn. Why ?

  • Just because from October, the lack of light weakens us.
    • The brightness deficit affects our mood, disrupts our balance … This is what is commonly called the winter blues .
    • the pineal gland, located in the brain, secretes melatonin at night, better known as the sleep hormone name.
    • it is daylight recorded by the retina which regulates the secretion of this hormone.
    • But this fall, due to the decrease in brightness, sleep hormone is secreted in the dark hours of the day. . Hence a drowsy effect on the day and sometimes sleep disorders night
    • The light therapy (or phototherapy) involves exposing the retina to light of high intensity: the eye receives more light, more secretion melatonin is controlled.
    • for daily sessions, one can thus rebalance the internal clock after a week or ten days.
    • for light therapy to be truly effective, it is necessary that the lamp is a power sufficient (10 000 lux) and the eyes are in the field of light.
    what intensity and light color to choose?

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How to Choose Light Bulbs

How welcome light at home?

Because natural light is a light soothing and invigorating at the same time, you have to welcome him in his house.
To do this:
• Open his home in the sun to create a fulfilling atmosphere for all.
• By emphasizing light colors or effects of reflective satin materials, small spaces is expanding and is illuminated large.
• Through games of mirrors, candles and shiny objects, the room will overflow with warmth and hospitality.
• clean window panes, frame windows with light and translucent curtains, are all tricks to enjoy all the benefits of light.
• like install his corner to live near the windows, and leave space between the furniture and the walls that will create a pleasant sense of space and harmony.

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Pilot Light Always On

Barrier against nightmares and / or reassuring baby, the night is a must for parents concerned about the well-being of their child.

At bedtime, the night light, thanks to its soft light and soothing, help baby fall asleep peacefully and accompany him throughout his sleep. Increasingly sophisticated, this accessory can take many features! That is why we will guide you in purchasing your night, but be careful not just any pilot rabbit!

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Garden Lighting Tips Tricks

You have a garden, terrace or balcony, and you have questions about lighting?

We have identified for you the 7 mistakes to avoid …

“The individual has always had its fulfillment through these successive encounters with the outside,” Francois Cheng.

The exterior is actually a space not to neglect to feel good.
At home, garden or terrace are real advantages: one more room, but outdoors! A place to remember and to illuminate optimally to spend evenings outdoors, watch the lighting mistakes … Follow the guide.

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Choose the Right Spotlight

You have chosen to install spots embedded in your living room? Here are a few key elements to decide without fool you.

Available and the number of spots in this piece of essential life what is the show depends on its size and the available ceiling height. And to get a homogeneous illumination of 300 lux minimum per meter square with your spots, you will also need to determine the number and spacing.

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Tips on Outdoor Lighting

Enhance his garden, terrace or the front of his house, it’s possible thanks to a well-planned outdoor lighting. In the evening, artificial light magnifies, dressed and structure the outdoor spaces to give them a different face. Luminaires, implementation ideas, tips and advice: find everything to evenly illuminate the outside in our special feature!

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