PULZ Proud Pendant

Size: H57 cm. 51 cm.
Color (s): Frosted Acrylic/glass
Dimmable: No
Lamp: 1 x max 60W G9 (not included)


Herstal has with its PULZ series real set design and quality in focus. Rethinking is number 1 for PULZ products, where you don’t need to settle!

Philips EnergyUp-HF3419

Size: B: 31.7 cm H: 41.4 cm D: 11.2 cm
Brand: Philips
Color (s): white
Light source: LED Natural White
Cord length: 210 cm

Lighting Equipment


Philips EnergyUp
Model: HF3419

Improves energy levels
Fighting the winter blues
20-30 min. per day
100% UV-free light
Adjust angle

This smart Philips EnergyUp lamp fill you with energy at only 20-30 minutes a day. Terapilys has become more and more popular, not least because it works!

It is clinically proven that EnergyUp has a positive effect on increasing energy levels, as well as combat the winter blues. Strong white light helps to increase well-being and light therapy is a really good idea if you have seasonal mood swings or general problems with energy levels.

The chic foot is equal to fold down so that the lamp does not take up a lot when the packed away. Actually reminds designed much about a mirror and there is also the option to Wall lamp.

Monitor Stand w/clamp

Brand: Lampette
Material: Metal
Delivery time: 1-2 business days
Comments: fits our blinds screens with wear ring (all over 25 cm.)


Monitor stand w/clamp
This screen holder makes it possible to put a big screen (with wear ring) fixed directly on the bulb.
However, it is recommended to use the on-screen fixture since the screen thus sits best fixed, but it is not possible to use the on-screen fixture on all lamps.

Fits into a standard light bulb (E27)

Herstal Matera Chandelier

Size: 60 cm H50 cm
Brand: Herstal
Color (s): Copper, chromium or Brass-metal
Dimmable: Yes, if you have dimmer switch contact
•Light source: 12 x E14 Edison deco 25W (included)
Wire: 2.5 Meter black plastic cord


Herstal Matera Chandelier
A modern chandelier with 12 arms. It has a simple and stylish look.
The chandelier will be nice over a dining table or in a hall.

Supplied with filament bulbs for chandelier, which gives a cosy warm light.

The chandelier from Herstal is available on YellowPagesintheUSA in:

Matera Glossy Copper-NOW With LED
-Incl. 12 x 0, 5W LED bulbs
Matera Glossy Chrome
-Incl. 12 x 25W incandescent bulbs
Matera Brushed Brass-NOW With LED
-Incl. 12 x 0, 5W LED bulbs

Herstal Matera Chandelier

Ceiling Lamps For Bathrooms

The good light is super important in the bathroom, both due to the fact that it all be safe, but also due to the fact that we use the light enormously throughout the year in the bathroom. Therefore, you must ensure that your bathroom space-ceiling light is good and durable. We have a lot of ceiling lamps for wet room which is designed for bathrooms and wet environments. In the bathroom you must ensure that you have a good basic lighting. It can be good wet-room-destroy evils which are created to provide good light. Ceiling lighting in the bathroom may be with LED, but they are also often with saving bulb or halogen. The most important thing is of course that the light is good and you can safely choose a Bridgat bathroom-ceiling lamp and be sure of good light.

View more about ceiling lights for the bathroom at Philips.

18 Ceiling lamps for bathrooms

Built-in pots for wet rooms (and overhangs)
Another option is to build in spots in the ceiling of the bathroom, which is a solution we are very much in favor of. The advantage of built-in pots in the wet room is that you don’t take the ceiling height and that you can be good indoor spots light which also LED dimmable and tilted so that you can control lighting. If you are going to put your bathroom able, I recommend that you choose the LED panel mount pots in the bathroom. Also keep in mind, however, that you can actually use the bathroom-spots as under eaves outdoor lamps.

Little Sun Solar Lamp

Size: O15 cm H4, 5 cm
Color (s): Sun-yellow
Dimmable lamp has two levels of intensity: Yes, built-in
Lamp: 1 x LED diode (very long life)
Cord: do not use wire
Comments: Incl. 3 x rechargeable AAA batteries


Little Sun Solar Lamp
Smart solar lamp with many good causes in one.
Gives a fine light with 2 forces as well as off-single!

Be charged fully at 5 hours in the Sun, via the solar cell on the back, and light up about 4 hours at full strength and 10 hours at half strength. For how solar lights works, click internetdict faqs or its homepage.

Use the Little Sun Solar lamp which:

Camping lamp
On the evening trip with the dog
As a nice lamp for the terrace
Lamp for the children’s room
Hostess gift
Etc etc.

The story of Little Sun:

Little Sun gives you not just light, but gives also light in poor countries without constant electricity. This makes to children and dogs and reading homework and that families can be together around the light all around the world.
In the West sold the lamp more expensive than in poorer countries, so the whole thing can run around and to you at the same time help others.
There has so far sold over 200,000 Little Sun!

Little Sun is designed and developed by Olafur Eliasson (the designer behind taken on Aros, the rainbow-colored glass) and Frederik Ottesen.

Get light + help people in countries without power at one time!


Philips Cap E27 White Replacement Bulb

Size: H11 cm x 6.2 cm-Socket: E27 (large)
Brand: Philips Hue
Color (s): Warm white light (2700 Kelvin as incandescent bulbs)
Dimmable: Yes, via App on Smartphone or tablet
Light source: 9, 5W LED-806lm-corresponds to approx. 60W
Wire: up to 25000 hours-25 years of life v/3 hours per/day
Comments: E27 (large) socket


Philips Cap E27 White Replacement Bulb
Philips Hue is the new inside light at home-E27 (large) socket.
If you already have the Philips Hue, you are now ready to expand your system with URf.eks. This Hue White bulb w/warm white light.

Frequently asked questions about Hue White:

You need only one bridge from one optional starter kit
Add up to 50 bulbs and lamps on one bridge
Hue White has only white light and teeth always in full force.
Bulbs with colored light called Hue Colored replacement bulb
To control the light, your contacts will be on
I have Hue Lux bulbs at home, is this the same bulb?
-Yes, Hue Lux has changed its name (and shape) to the Hue White.

What is Philips Hue?
Philips Hue lets you manage light via your Smartphone or tablet, regardless of whether you have Android or Iphone. You can turn on and turn off the lights as well as regulate the brightness, anywhere! There are many fun Apps which makes life even more fun! See more on abbreviation finder.

Eglo Brenda Pendant Light

Size: H110 cm. 43 cm.
Brand: Eglo
Color (s): Gloss White
Dimmable: Yes, if you have dimmer switch contact
Lamp: 1 X 100W E27 (large socket)
Cord: approx. 80 cm white plastic with boost/cut function
Comments: With boost/cut


Eglo Brenda Pendant
So can there finally is available a super smart pendant light (visit digopaul for what does light mean).
Very simple and nice looking lamp in white shiny metal with “handset cord” with raising the lower function as you get bored it’s best.
The lamp all just have to own.

Cheap Outdoor Lamps In Great Design And High Quality

In this article, we are discussing super nice outdoor lamps for wall and ceiling, as well as plenty of lamps – or lamps to the driveway. First and foremost is safety and quality on the lamps important, but a good design also means much. Many will today have LED outdoor lamps, which is true wise in relation to energy saving. Cheap LED lamps is also an option and are worth considering. In fact, the choice of LED outdoor lamps, overall a good decision, because joints are optimal for outdoor use. Cheap outdoor wall lamps are particularly popular and can be found in a multitude of designs. Outdoor wall lamps can e.g. light up and down which gives a nice lighting. At bridgat you will find products that are both stylish and functional.

15 Cheap outdoor lamps in great design and high quality

Outdoor lamps from the leading manufacturers
Our cheap outdoor lamps, for example. from Herstal and Philips Massive. Special Philips Massive make really great outdoor lighting at cheap prices. Philips massive outdoor lamps are also found in joints and both as outdoor wall lights, outdoor ceiling lights and outdoor lamps and as this spot. Philips LED outdoor lamps are one of the best selling items we have. The lamps is top quality and the design gives a impressive good lighting.

If you have any questions about the Philips outdoor light fixtures, so send us a lot like an email.

VITA Alba LED Pendant

Size: H40 cm 35 cm
Brand: VITA Living
Color (s): White w/transparent acrylic frame
Dimmable: Yes, if you have dimmer switch contact
Lamp: 1 x max 60W LED standard bulb (not included)
Wire: Suspension w/cord and socket must be purchased

Types of Light Bulbs: InternetDict.com


VITA Alba LED Pendant
Stylish details in Scandinavian design style from Danish VITA.
Gives a nice light out through the white screen and Alba assembled easily at 20 mins (watch the video).

Pendant suspension consists of:
2.1 meters fabric cord, socket and ceiling canopy.

Veli Teddy Bear Pixie

Size: 33.5 cm or 45 cm
Brand: Veli Line
Color (s): see image
Dimmable: No
Light source: Built-in warm white LEDs
Wire: Built-in battery box
Comments: uses 3 x AA batteries (not included)

Veli Teddy Bear Pixie


Veli Teddy Bear Pixie
Cozy Christmas Teddy bear that can stand and bright.
Said by yellowpagesintheusa.com, Nissen is intended for indoor use and uses 3 x AA batteries.

The teddy bear is not a toy and is only for decoration.

Veli Teddy Bear Pixie
Available in two sizes:

  • Small-33.5 cm
  • Large-45 cm

Philips Hue Bloom

Size: L:10.5 cm B: 22 cm (H): 22.5 cm
Brand: Philips Hue
Color (s): white-metal
Dimmable: Yes via App on Smart phone or tablet
Illuminant: 8W LED 120lm
Cord length: 2 m cord included


Philips Hue Bloom
Philips Hue Bloom is a lamp which, together with the start set allows to operate the lamp light via an App. This App is available for both iPhone and Android. Both power on, power off, adjustment of brightness, and not least the entire 16 million different colors to choose from.

If you are bitten by a mad Cap-remember that you can hook up to 50 lamps on one bridge
-You must just have one starter set from either lamps/bulbs/lightstrips.

This lamp does not contain a cap Bridge, which means that it requires a Starter Set to work.
-Have you already a Cap starter kit, so serve this even follow along with your starter set.

According to abbreviationfinder.org, PDC stands for Philips Display Components.

Frequently asked questions about Hue:

You need only one bridge from one optional starter kit
Then add up to 50 bulbs/lamps for the same bridge
The lights turn on in the same light as after switching on contact
Control/on/off via the App requires that the switch is turned on
Works for both the iPhone and Android phones and tablets.

Vintage LED Lamps In Good Quality for Desk

LED lamp is for the future and you can have a strong focus on LED lamps and LED lighting. However, do not compromise on quality-LED light must be in the right color (2700 kelvin) and have a maximum lifetime. Philips is the world’s champions in good LED lighting, indoor and outdoor.

Many uses
LED lamps can be ceiling lamps, desk lamps, wall lamps, etc on internetages. Particularly LED commutes are in demand. LED pendants are popular because a pendant often is very switched on. But PART is also great suitable for outdoor lamps. The reason that outdoor lights with LED’s good is that they can withstand the weather. LED desk lamps are another place where LED products are perfect, because LED lighting is super good working light. But also LED floor lamps are selling very well. Cheap LED lights we have, but only in proper quality. We use even more places in stock LED lighting, Office and in our homes.

Vintage Table Lamp

Halo tech led lamps
Halo Tech make attractive LED lamps with focus on quality and design – take a look at Halo Tech’s LED lamps and pendants on this page. Halo Tech also has great success with their LED lighting in series Chicago and coming all the time with new cheap LED lamps. Remember we always will offer help with LED lamps and LED lighting in the extent need help.

Great Wall Lamps And Reading Lamps For Every Taste

Are you looking for plenty of cheap and super nice wall lamps and bedside lamps from all the major brands? Hersta wall lamps are the Chipmunks in design style and comes to a super good price right on bridgat! Philips wall lights is with design and quality in excellence and Philips wall lamps are super good for LED wall lights.

Finally, there is the Halo Tech wall units, which have wall lamps in many colors and designs – and always at good prices!

13 Cheap, great wall lamps and reading lamps for every taste

Wall lamp for fun lighting or as a reading lamp?
When choosing wall light you need to be aware of about your Wall lamp just to inform the wall as nice lighting, or whether it must also be able to be used as a reading lamp. If it is to be used as a reading lamp in the living room or the bedroom, either may advantageously be selected a lamp with the flex arms. The flexible arms, makes sure you get the light right where it needs to be used!

Wall lights are also available with led for a cheap price!
Wall lamps can, of course, also be available with LED bulb. LED wall lights have been really popular when LED wall lamps are super good reading lamps, but at the same time, they can also simply be used as nice lighting, since they also provided a good and pleasant light! In addition, LED bulbs and lamps long lifespan-up to 15-30 years. We recommend almost always only Philips LED wall lights when we know the quality and know what they (and we) stands for, then take a look at them.