Philips EcoClassic Globe Bulb

Brand: Philips
Lamp holder: E27 (large)
Watts: 42W – respond to 55W LUMEN: 630
Life: 2,000 hours-approx. 2 years
Color (s):
Dimmable: Yes, the bulb can be attenuated

Philips Lighting:

Philips EcoClassic Globe Bulb
In addition, saves the ca. 30% in power compared to incandescent bulbs and lasts twice as long.
EcoClassic globe bulb turns on instantly and can be dimmed if you need it.

Globe bulb is super decorative and can be used as a lamp in itself.

VITA Cuna Pendant

Dimensions: 38 cm H16 cm
Brand: VITA Living

VITA Cuna Pendant
Color (s): Mint green, black or white metal w/plastic Center
Dimmable: Yes, if you have dimmer switch contact
Lamp: 1 x max 60W E27 Crown bulb (not included)
Wire: Suspension (socket, cord and canopy) must be purchased

Landscape Lighting:

VITA Cuna Pendant
Nice retro lamp from Danish VITA Living with a good light over the dining room table.
You can get the delicate pendant in 3 modern colors-all made of metal m/plast Centre.

CUNA Pendant is available in 3 colors: mint green, black and white.

Remember that to/opt out pendant bracket for lamp. (consists of cord, canopy and socket)

Brilliant Trial Cluster Pendant

Size: H90 cm 45 cm (diameter is approximately-tall)
Brand: Brilliant
Color (s): Screens in grey, red and white fabric
Dimmable with dimmer: Yes, contact
Light source: 3 x max 60W E27 large socket (not supplied)
Delivery time: 8-12 business days
Brilliant Trial Cluster Pendant

Brilliant Trial Cluster Pendant
Festive cluster pendant from German Brilliant with screens in red, grey and white.
Creates good atmosphere and gives a good light

Brilliant Vantage Wall Light

Size: D14, 5 cm B13 cm
Brand: Brilliant
Color (s): white, red wire and chrome
Dimmable: Yes, if the switch allows the
Lamp: 1 x 50W GU10 (bulb not included)

Brilliant Vantage Wall Light


Brilliant Vantage Wall Light
Spot series in super skarps design-and just as sharp price!
A sure hit with the find design detail in the Red wire


Cars 3D Wall Light

Size: B20 cm H28, 5 cm D8 cm
Color (s): Cars motifs
Dimmable: Yes, if you have dimmer switch contact
Lamp: 1 x max 40W E14 candle bulb (not included)
Wire: white wire with switch included
Origin: Denmark
Comments: screws for Setup not included.


Cars 3D wall light
A pretty cool wall light with 3D effect and Cars motives.
The light comes out through the front, on the one hand and, on the other hand, out of the top and bottom.

Consider the super deals on Philips LED Candle bulb.

Herstal Batt Pendant

Size: 5 cm. H80 cm.
Color (s): white metal
Dimmable: No
Lamp: 1 x max 35W MR16/Gu5.3 Cap, 3 (not supplied)


Herstal Batt Pendant
Super nice and innovative lamp with many cool options, such as cluster in the corner, etc.
Innovate and find the place for these super fine commuter.

Philips Hue Wireless Dimming Kit

Size: as a normal standard bulb
Brand: Philips Hue
Color (s): white contact w/white bulb (warm white light)
Dimmable: Yes, the switch can light up to 10 Cap bulbs
Light source: 9, 5W LED-equivalent to 60W-806lm-2700 k (warm white)
Cord: Use cord, but not 1xCR2450 button-battery (included)
Comments: does not require the Hue Bridge! Set w/1 bulb + 1 contact


Philips Hue Wireless Dimming Kit
Smart set with 1 Hue White bulb (can only bright warm white 2700 k) and a damper switch that lets you turn on/off and dimming your Hue White PEAR (+ your other bulbs in Hue series)-up to 10 light bulbs can be attached to each Hue damper contact without bridge-have you Switch Dimming can bridge here control all your Hue pears.
On the wall-mounting, as well as on the switch sits magnets, then it is easy to take on and off.

Hue Wireless Dimming Kit contains:

1 x White LED bulb Cap 9, 5W-equivalent to 60W-RA80 +
-Extra Hue White bulbs can be purchased here.
1 x Dimming-contact Inc. wall mounting
-Extra Dimming Switch available for purchase here.

Philips Hue Wireless Dimming Kit

Easy installation of Hue Dimmer remote control!
-Pack set out, mount the evt. your Hue contact on the wall and set the connect to the Hue bulbs you want and you are now in progress.

Useful info for Hue Dimming Kit & Switch:

You don’t need a Hue bridge
-PEAR and contact can connects directly without the bridge.
One contact for 10 Cap bulbs (no bridge)
-Do you have bridge? So can switch control all Hue the pears.
Can also dampen the colored Hue pears (not, however, choose color via this contact)
-Set the color on the phone/tap and use Switch to on/off/mute (turn on the new in color)
Range indoors is approx. 12 meters

More questions and answers, please visit

Brilliant Deona Indoor Pendant Light

Size: H140 cm. O30 cm.
Color (s): glass ball w/white balls and chrome frame
Dimmable: No
Lamp: 1 x max 11W E27 (compact fluorescent lamp included)

Indoor Pendant Light

Brilliant Deona Pendant
Super fun lamp as indoor lighting from Brilliant with white balls inside the glass screen!
Elegant and different which certainly will be noticed:-)

Cheap Lighting

Floor Lamps For Reading

A floor-or stand lamp has so many application possibilities, and therefore almost fits into every home! Some need a floor lamp that produces a nice lighting to brighten the dark corners up. Others may have more use for a floor lamp, to be able to do hand work by or even read by – in this case, the super popular Traffic floor lamp will be a really good idea! But the possibilities for great-looking floor lamps are great and we hope of course that you find a floor lamp here on Bridgat-is there a special floor lamps from one of our suppliers you are missing, please write final to us.
We can obtain all floor lamps from Herstal, Philips, Halo Tech and the many other suppliers we have.

Find your stand lamp online in the comfort
Here we have a large selection of different cheap stand lamps. So we have always something to suit all tastes and needs – and of course, our prices are always low and competitive! Today we use not so often the word stand lamp, but it exists yet. Then you should use a stand lamps for the home so we have a really good selection here on bridgat-whether you want your stand lamp in colors or whether you want a stand lamp for fun or work!

10 Floor lamps for reading or

Philips Dolium 2 LED Spotlights

Philips Dolium 2 LED Spotlights

Size: l: 21 cm B: 7,2 cm H: 12.2 cm
Brand: Philips
Color (s): Brushed Aluminum
Dimmable: Yes, if you have a dimmer switch.
Light source: GU10 2 x 35W halogen bulbs (not included)
Wire: not included-must be purchased
AC: IP20-220 V-240 V


Philips Dolium 2 Spotlights
Cylinders of pure glass. The error-free aluminum cylinder in this brushed alu Dolium-spot is clean and stylish. Simple and bold design with more than just a touch of smart industrial style.
Includes Philips halogen bulbs-bulb can also be used with LED bulbs.

Nielsen Light Galaxy LED Strips

Nielsen Light Galaxy LED Strips

Size: H58 cm 48 cm
Brand: Nielsen Light
Color (s): Matte brushed copper w/glass balls
Dimmable: No
Light source: 20W LED built-in-corresponds to approx. 85W
Cord: 4 meter Wire + wire included
Delivery Time: Starting Nov.


Nielsen Light Galaxy Pendant
Different, but awesome nice LED ceiling light in copper.
Super nice to look at and gives a lovely light!

Galaxy pendant is doing in brushed copper and has transparent glass beads and copper balls inside.
Sitting LED Strips around the lamp which gives the light into space.

Perfect for over the dining room table, meeting table or in the entrance of your company?

Philips Flashlight Rubber Small

Size: 15.4 x 4.55 cm
Brand: Philips
Color (s): black rubber
Light source: LED 0, 3W
Remarks: 2 x AA battery (not included)


Philips Flashlight Rubber Small
Small and handy flashlight from Philips which is coated with rubber, which makes the impact-resistant and in addition, it is also water resistant, so it can be used in all weather conditions.
The dark time is perfect for flashlights!

Key features:
60 meter range
46 hours of battery life
water repellent

Halo Tech Dallas Glass Black Pendant

Halo Tech Dallas Glass Black Pendant

Size: 13.2 cm
Brand: Halo Tech
Color (s): black glass w/black fabric wire
Dimmable: Yes, if you have built-in dimmer contact
Lamp: 1 x G9 max 40W pin bulb (bulb not included)
Delivery time: 1-2 business days


  • Halo Tech Dallas Glass Black Pendant
  • The classic style of the Dallas series goes again in these super find Dallas Commute in black glass.
  • The light in the Dallas black commuters is beautiful and pleasant and lends itself both to the dining room table as the kitchen or the living room.

Disney Princess LED Desk Lamp

Disney Princess LED Desk Lamp

Size: O13 cm. H32 cm.
Brand: Disney Princess
Color (s): Princess motifs-plastic/metal
Dimmable: No
Lamp: 1 x 0, 06W LED (included)

Disney Princess LED desk lamp is where the adventure starts …
Also remember to check out the rest of the great Disney Princess range