Philips Princesses Ceiling Light

Size: L: 24.3 cm B: 24.3 cm H: 6,3 cm
Brand: Philips Disney
Color (s): multicolor-Synthetic
Dimmable: No
Lamp: 1 x 4W LED corresponds to 49w (built-in)
Wire: not included, must be purchased
Note: IP20-220 V-240 V


Philips Disney Princesses Ceiling Light
This round Philips and Disney Princesses-lamp lights up with a vivid image of your daughter’s favorite Disney Princesses. Brings joy and color on walls and ceilings, while the sturdy, rounded design is quite safe for the little prying hands.

Philips Disney Princesses Ceiling Light

LED technology, which is built into this light source, is a unique solution, developed by Philips. While the immediate turns on, provides the optimal light output and highlights live all the colors in your child’s room.

Philips Disney Princesses Ceiling Light 2

Chandeliers With Prisms In A Classic And Elegant Design

Today, we focus on Lisbeth Dahl lamps which are quite clear on their incredibly gorgeous chandeliers with prisms and beautiful details. It is clear to see the style and design of their chandeliers and the other beautiful lamps from Lisbeth Dahl. Lisbeth Dahl is the uncrowned Queen of beautiful chandeliers with prisms and style. No one beats Lisbeth Dahl’s cheap but super elegant chandeliers with prisms. Buy a Lisbeth Dahl chandelier and you will absolutely not feel cheated, no one beats Lisbeth Dahl in chandeliers with Castle-style, it is truly elegant chandeliers.

Cheap Lisbeth Dahl chandeliers with super fine style

We have had the Lisbeth Dahl chandeliers for a long time and it is without a doubt the best selling vendor of chandeliers. No doubt that Lisbeth Dahl has hit the feminine and elegant look which searches in chandeliers to the hall, entrance hall, kitchen, living room and where else you will need to use a cheap beautiful chandelier. You can get Anuj chandeliers with both arms, 6 4 arms, 8 arms and chandelier with 12 arms in both glass and plastic. Lisbeth Dahl chandeliers available in white, off white and black, as well as certain crowns in pink and pink.
Chandeliers with glass prisms are more durable and resistant to scratches. Lisbeth Dahl, however, make most of their chandeliers with plastic prisms, making chandeliers cheaper than with glass prisms.


Pineapple Lamps from DYBERG-LARSEN

DYBERG-LARSEN is a Danish design brand as is stormed forward in a short time with amazing and beautiful design lamps with beautiful lighting. DYBERG-LARSEN has become particularly well known at their beautiful PineApple commuter who makes it up with the great design icons for good prices. The idea behind the Pine Apple lights is not only the beautiful design as lamps without a doubt has, but also the good lighting is a large focus. Light aperture you not in the eyes and is made in the absolute best quality. Pine Apple pendant lamps are also produced in Denmark which optimizes the quality further and ensures a stable supply of PineApple lamps. You can get Pine Apple in many beautiful colors and sizes from XS O18 cm and up to 70 cm. Price is at a reasonable rent, which has also resulted in a huge design success of Pine Apple lights.

Classic Illumin lamp is also from DYBERG-LARSEN

But DYBERG-LARSEN has also tagged Illumin lamps which are non-assembled lamps which can be assembled on only 11 min.-Yes, it actually fits, Illumin can gather at 11 minutes, therefore also the name i-11-u-Min and they are designed after exactly together design standards such as PineApple and the other lamps in DYBERG-LARSEN family. We have selected some of the best illumin commutes into our online assortment, and we certainly think you should see them through. Illumin is available both for children and adults and makes for a great good lighting wherever they are used. Is there anything from DyberDyberg-Larsen you are missing?

Herstal Lamps – Scandinavian design lamps with a Zing!

Herstal lamps are made with attention to detail and good light. Herstal has evolved over time to become a really great player on lamps and lighting in both Denmark and international markets. In short, Herstal manufactures nice design and good lights at affordable prices. You can also view their entire range at

Herstal is Danish, classic design which keeps for many years

Herstal never stops developing new attractive lamps and is in time also gone into home accessories. But the development on lamp portion is not stopped and has in fact been given extra momentum. Herstal thinking, of course, the energy-saving technology into their creative abilities, resulting in beautiful lamps in good quality and with space for compact fluorescent lamp and LED bulbs.
Do you need a specific lamp from Herstal?

We try as far as possible to have all Herstals lamps in our assortment and our inventory – but shouldn’t we hold exactly your lamps you are looking for, please send us a query on your final product or spare part! We can smoothly get everything from Herstal home over a week to 14 days if Herstal holds the lamp!

Eglo Lighting Catalogue 2015

Eglo lamps! Large supplier of lamps on the Web

We have fallen in love with us in the (many!) beautiful Eglo lamps as found. There’s even something for everyone. Eglo has a catalogue with lamps which are larger than the Bible, if we may say so-big is it anyway and there will be only more. With lamps which may cover existing Eglo your entire house need. So whichever lamp you need, we can help you further with beautiful Eglo lamps at great prices.

Our knowledge of Eglo is that they deliver products of good quality, but still with prices which are to pay for “ordinary” people-and it is exactly that which we have fallen for. Eglo lights look through and let yourself finally just tempt!

Are you looking for more Eglo lamps? So just search on the net. We have not all Eglo lamps on the site since the catalog is simply huge! But we have tried to find the holes we have on the page and fill them out with Eglo lamps. So it will so good could happen, that we have not just the lamp from Eglo as you know or have seen in a store. You can both view the catalogs or all the items on the Eglo’s own website.
Eglo Toreno LED Spot

Size: 1 Spot L13 cm. H9, 5 cm. 2 Spot L24 cm. H9, 5 cm. 4 Spot L24 cm. H9, 5 cm
Brand: Eglo Lighting
Color (s): white
Dimmable: no, Not possible
Light source: 1, 2 or 4 5W GU10 LED (light sources included)

Eglo Toreno LED Spot
Super trendy spot that you can select in 3 sizes, 1, 2 or 4 spot.
They have all included LED GU10 bulb which gives a nice warm white light.
The bulbs can be adjusted so they can light to where you need it
Select what fits in with you.

Eglo Toreno LED Spot

Where to Buy Belid Light Bulbs Online at Cheap Price?

Belid is a large Swedish brand which since 1969 has designed and produced light bulbs. The special thing about Belid is that they produce everything at their own factory in Sweden-Belid has really high quality requirements and therefore you can expect light bulbs in top quality. The light bulbs come virtually complete assembled from the factory and you release the reason for even messing with a kit.

Well-known Lamp Series from Belid

The more we have of course known light bulbs from Belid in range here at Wholesaleably – the more here we have, among other things, the Diablo series, which one can know by the combination of matte black and the Red detail on the screen. Diablo is available both as a wall lamp, floor lamp, table lamp and pendant. Valencia and Covetto are also two lamp series such as we have in the sortie meant as is very popular. Valencia is available in several colors and sizes and have 4 screens on the outside of each other-Very smart design. Covetto exists both as pendant lamp and floor lamp in the same design-a lamp with a really nice light distribution. Ellipsis is probably the most well known from Belid-A super nice modern and at the same time timeless pendant is available with either chrome or copper detail-A must have:)

Belid Eclipse Pendant LED Lights

Missing you a Belid lamp we don’t have?

You can find official dealer of Belid who has opportunity to sell the entire Belid range. The Belid light bulbs you see on the page are carefully selected lamps we believe lends itself well to the market, we believe that it is better to have a small selection with short delivery time.  But if you have seen a Belid lamp you would like you as we do not cover on this site, please contact us.

Belid Valencia Pendant Lights

Happy Lights Rope Lights with Colored Balls

Find the beautiful lighting chains from Happy Lights with colored balls at we say colors, so we believe in lots of pretty colors! As Happy Lights, we also love colors and it certainly does not mean that you can only find lighting chains with pang-colored balls, no, because we love the combination of colors that just as well could be earth tones. Therefore, you can always find a huge selection of Happy Lights rope lights with colored balls with us and should there be a Garland from Happy colored Lights (see, for example, their website or buyers points that you are missing, then write it finally just to us and we will provide it.

You can use the colored ball-lighting chains from Happy Lights in many ways in your décor, in fact it is only your imagination that sets the limits. In addition, we’ve got the beautiful lamps from Happy Lights. The lamps consist of large, colored cotton balls which are hand-crafted by women in Thailand. They sit on a daily basis and make the beautiful Big lamps that create light and joy throughout the world for us. Big lamps are available as pendants (hanging lamps), which cluster commute and as table lamps and floor lamps with colored balls. They are super beautiful and truly decorative having at home wherever you use them. Many use the large lamps (which are available in up to Ø40 cm) as children’s lamps, but also as the lights over the dining table, bed-table lamps or as a decorative color-fresh coffee lamp.

Design your own Happy Lights lamp in cluster

You can of course also design your very own Happy Lights cluster of colored balls which can be hung next to the couch and create life and light. You can put the clusters together in multitudes of combinations, with exactly the colors you like best. Right now, we have more than 18 different colored balls you can make a large lamp or a Happy Lights cluster with 2 colored balls or even a cluster with 3 balls! Try to make your own lamp with the colors that suit your home-we love them and we are sure that you also come to it.

Brilliant have lamps and lighting with forethought and development

Like the rest of the lamp industry, Brilliant has great focus on energy-saving lamps and lighting projects. They always try to make their many lamps as energy-efficient as possible. Similarly, the recommendations of CFLs on all their lights so it is easy to select compact fluorescent lamp and energy efficient solutions for Brilliant lights. Led lighting has, of course, also a great focus and their LED lamps we have in our range is of the best quality and with the right light.

Lamp: light bulbs –
Brilliant’s range is so big-so do you need a lamp?

We simply cannot discuss everything on our site, so we constantly adjust our choice of range from Brilliant. We have selected the best lamps in the simple Scandinavian style mixed with a little traditional Brilliant products that they love in southern Europe. You have including view entire Brilliant catalog and you fall over something you want prices on, write us a mail and we will find a good price for you.

Propaganda has Fun Lamps in Cool Design

Propaganda is a great design company from Japan which make some fun and super cool lamps! In particular, we can mention Mr. P One Man Shy – is switched on by pressing his pee man (which of course are available in the different screen colors too!). Mr. P One Man Shy lamp – pee man is also called for precisely that reason, and be made with both cream, white and black body and saw a lot of different colored screens. And now you can also get the tie to Lo and behold the Lord. Mr. P One Man Shy is our best-selling lamp, and we therefore always runs with good deals on this lamp! D. However, Shit Happens, Mr. P’s best friend is also from Propaganda!

Note: Japan is one of eastern countries in Asia, see for more.

But of course doing Propaganda also other super cool lamps than Mr. P – they have also made his best friend: d. However, Shit Happens! This lamp is super cool, and are turned on by stepping in shit on the cord. SO are you dog lover, then you may have found your new lamp here! And with a color changing LED light bulb with remote control, can you really put the time in (D). However, Shit Happens! Propaganda lamp design also has the well-known dental lamp.

YES, they have also created the well known dental lamp that we many times can see stand at the dentists! Dental lamp is popular for dentists and Tooth Lamp is super cool and fun too with an LED color change bulb in. Propaganda Tooth Lamp can also be used as a stool. has lots of fun lamps and lamps with style. Buy your fun lamp with us and get the inspiration you need. Look inside and find a lamp with fun lamp design which sets the edge with your accommodation.

Find SIRIUS Tube Lights Online

We have a large selection of Sirius tubelight online with fast delivery and of course, a cheap freight. You can for example find all known bolette lighting chains with bullets in several colors with us-Yes, indeed, we have all Sirius Bolette tubelight on the side, with day-by-day delivery. Bolette Kids are lighting chains with balls for children with lots of history. You can find the balls with animals or with Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales.

In addition, we have ordinary tubelight for many purposes, they can be found on the battery and with the hours so they only lights up when you need it. We always ensure to have an updated range of Sirius tubelight for everyday and party-and always with LED bulbs for best light at the lights and the least possible power consumption.

SIRIUS Christmas tree chains

You must use a Christmas tree Garland light from Sirius in the course of the year? So we actually have them in stock also. It is not only possible to purchase Christmas tree chains for Christmas, but also for the rest of the year, therefore, you can always find lightchains to Christmas trees or for other purposes throughout the year. If there are some Christmas tree chains you need that we don’t have on the page, so just write definitively for us and we must try to obtain them for you.

SIRIUS outdoor lighting chains

SIRIUS is also a master in making outdoor tubelights which withstands the Danish climate with our hard wind and weather. Most outdoor lighting chains used in autumn and in winter period, of course, most often around Christmas. But you have many options for using lighting chains throughout the year, both for everyday comfort on the terrace and the large and small summer parties. Do you need lighting for store or Office? So have the Sirius lighting is also a great selection of Pro lighting for shops etc. It is made of super quality and with a strong focus on proper quality light that highlights the items in the store.


Herstal Retro Lamps from Style 1920-1970

One of the most famous periods for lamp-design is the year from 1920-1970 where people created many interior lamps which today are icons for us and for the time being. For some people retro lights from Herstal creates memories and for others they represent a glimpse of history, but it is common to all that they are loved for their timeless and beautiful design that keeps many years after.

Classic lamps in Scandinavian design from an era of quality

Maybe you even know several of the designs as Herstal here have reproduced, or maybe you even have some of them yet? In the years in which these designs are from, the quality was at least as important as the great-looking design, that is why the lights are in many places. At that time, the design had placed great emphasis on the history of design-each lamp should tell a story or be a part of it-it makes that today we can introduce these beautiful retro lamps from Herstal with many truly fine detail and in a super quality.

Herstal Retro Lamps

Herstal Retro floor lamps, wall lights and table lamps

Lights from Retro series is good to create calm, comfort and atmosphere at home and we think they fit equally well to the current tight Scandinavian style to the classic style. Retro series are made in many series and can be found respectively, such as table lamps, wall lamps, floor lamps, wall decoration, etc. You can view the entire series by searching on a particular series in the site, or see the lamps through Google. Common to them is that it is focused on the good lighting and you can advantageously use compact fluorescent lamp in retro lamps.

Retro commuter and ceiling lamps from Herstal

Commuter and ceiling lamps are generally seen it we sell most of it also, as is the case in Retro series of Herstal. Commuters are typically made of metal with a plastic or glass part where the light can come out and down, for example. the dining room table. Retro ceiling lights are available in many sizes, depending on which series is selected. You can put them up singly, in clusters or on stripe-it is entirely up to your liking. Typical colors for Herstals retro lamps are black, chrome, white and so pastel and dark pastel colors. These colors are both classic and simple and goes well into the many homes with strong colors on interior design.

How To Choose The Right LED Bulbs For Your Home

Go for LED and CFLs-they use 4-5 times less power than halogens and lasts much longer. If you need to buy a bulb with good color reproduction, you should go for an Ra on at least 90 and a Kelvin at 2,700-3,300. Keep in mind that you now must look for Lumens rather than Watts.

Go for LED and CFLs instead of halogens. LED and CFLs use 4-5 times less power than halogens, so you can easily save over $ 100 during lamp life. Halogen lamp life is about 2 years, whereas the LED keeps 10-25 years and CFLs in approximately 6-10 years in average usage time.


Check out the 5 things in the store

There are 5 things you need to look at when you should buy a bulb:
1. Colour rendering (Ra/CRI) Select Ra > 90, if the colour reproduction is extra important.

2. Light color Choose a bulb with a colour designation on the 2,700-3,300 Kelvins, then you get a light bulb with a warm light, which is equivalent to the incandescent lamp chromaticity.

3. Levetid

after a long life:
CFLs: at least 10,000 hours
JOINTS: at least 25,000 hours

4. Lumen

In the future, look for lamp luminous flux rather than its wattage consumption. Luminous flux is measured in lumens. View of the table, the lumen you must select in order to get the same amount of light as with your old incandescent bulb.
WATTS-Watts-gloede_-goodbye .0_04-2013. png LUMEN goodbye-Watts-spare_-.0_04-2013. png
Incandescent compact fluorescent lamp, LED bulb, Halogen-
incandescent bulb
15 w 140 lm
25 w 250 lm
40 w 470 lm
60 w 800 lm
75 w 1050 lm
100 w 1,520 lm

5. Look for the energy label light bulbs must be labelled with the EU energy labelling. Best choice:
Cfls: (A)
LED: A + or better
Halogens: C (230 Volt)/B (for low voltage)


Before you buy

The bulb can be exchanged? Ask at the shop if you can swap the bulb, if it does not meet your needs.
Can the bulb dims? Consider whether the bulb must be dimmed. Ask at the shop, on the can.
Check out socket and dimensionerTjek both plinth and dimensions so you are sure that the bulb fits your lamp.
Check out the dispersion angle check if bulb-lamp and light scattering angle to fit function. It is often on the packaging and be specified as degrees (°). Dispersion angle should be 180 ° for general lighting. Is it significantly below, is the bulb suitable for spots or work lighting.


Lamps with built-in bulb

More and more lamps on the market have built-in LED light bulbs, which you cannot change. Here it is all the more important that you choose the right the first time, because you can’t just buy a new bulb.

View always the lamp with the light in, before you buy it. And look after the same things as other pears: in particular, the color rendition, chromaticity and lumen. Also note the longevity, so you know how long you can expect to have the lamp.