Create Your Own Space in the New House

Nothing like the comfort of our home. Planning your home decor can be a fun taskStart thinking about decorating all spaces from the romantic haven you will share with your better half to the living room where they will do the honors of your guests.


The marriage is the first step but it is in your home, that the lives of two truly begins. Feel right at home is a way to be even more happy to have your corner for dating, having fun with friends and relax so we left them several suggestions for your home is your refuge.


1. the illumination


The lighting of a room is very important so if you’re thinking create a quiet, intimate and romantic nook, take some time to think about the kind of lighting that should focus on this space. The best bet is the hottest lights and darker, with Dim lighting and very focused.


2. custom décor


Use some personal items and personalized decoration. Evoke happier memories with old photographs, gifts offered and received and all kinds of objects that you wake up a smile. You and him, of course. Will feel even more happy at home.


3. Comfort and coziness in your home


Choose more comfortable sofas and chairs. For example, a chaiselong. If you don’t like the idea, and many pillows pufs cushions, are also welcome. But the essentials are the blankets, of flax or wool give a very cozy air into space.


4. A room for snacking


But, of course, not forgetting the pragmatics of space and your functionality. More than being nice, should be inviting and comfortable. For this you need a small coffee table or just a coffee table, where he can land that Cup of hot coffee or your bowl of fruit.


5. Corner isolated from the rest of the House


For this Division doesn’t need walls can create that feeling just with furniture or organization using carpets playing with colors in order to delimit areas.


Choose the room you choose, think of it this way. We leave you, still, three fundamental rules for a shared living, tips that influence the way he thinks the space and how to organize your home decoration.


6. A television is enough


Unless you want to be always in a room of your House while your mate is another every time we disagree on what the best programming for a Friday night. Learn to negotiate, to compromise and having fun together.


7. When greater bed, best


The room is more than a place to sleep, make your bed a place where you want to stay, laze around and date. Will be your love nest.


8. A good landscape is always great


Especially if accompanied with a balcony or a terrace. Those sunny days, breakfast with a fantastic view it will be great to brighten your day.


To your home is your refuge so decorate in order to feel happy!