15 Tips for a Perfect Christmas Lighting

Christmas lighting completes any pine or Christmas tree of a magically and only. To your balanced distribution is not always easy or exploited in the best way, so we’ve gathered 15 practical tips to ensure that this year’s Christmas lighting your shine more than ever.



  1. The first element to be placed on the Christmas tree should be lighting and preferably already linked, so start handing out Christmas lights under up.
  2. If the tree is true, use 100 Christmas lights for each 30 cm; If the artificial Christmas tree, use approximately of 50 Christmas lights for each 30 cm in area.
  3. Choose Christmas lights according to their main Christmas ornaments – this way, the lighting will enhance the festive color palette, rather than stifling.
  4. To avoid Christmas tree lighting, move the same some good steps and evaluate it from top to bottom, side to side, in order to discover “dark holes”. Rearrange the distribution of Christmas lights and brighten those dark spaces.
  5. If you have a colorful Christmas tree (white, black, gold, silver …) or theme, it is critical that the lighting is not lost on the same, therefore, decorate with Christmas lights white/transparent and simple in smaller quantities.
  6. For a fun Christmas decoration, choose Christmas lights that Flash at the sound of Christmas carols!
  7. If you want to innovate in the decoration of the Christmas tree, choose large size lights. However, remember that larger lights occupy more space, so don’t just need less, but also should limit the number of Christmas decorations in order not to overload the pine.
  8. To make the most of the white and colored Christmas lights when used together should put white/transparent lights within the tree, while the colored lights on the tips of the outer branches of pine.
  9. If the Christmas tree is uniquely front view, distribute the Christmas lights on the front of the pine tree.
  10. Small lights, as well as the colorful lighting, have a greater impact in the decoration of the Christmas treewhen overlap several layers and join reflective Christmas ornaments.
  11. To light a Christmas tree from the inside out, start by winding the lights around the trunk of the tree, then wind the branches from the trunk to the branch tip. Repeat until you have the entire tree lit.
  12. If you want to create a modern décor and monochrome, combine the color of Christmas lights with the color of the ornaments on the tree.
  13. To enhance the natural beauty of a real pine tree, decorate with green Christmas lights (and add silver Christmas ornaments for a truly sparkling decor!).
  14. Purchase a dimmer for Christmas lights – so you can vary the intensity of the illumination as the festive atmosphere you want to create.
  15. To disguise the strands of Christmas lights and create a tree that looks like something out of a fairy tale, spray the wires with artificial snow sprays.